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Top 10 Techno Chart 3.31.15

Hello Magnetic Magazine readers! Who here got their Ultra on? I feel like even though I wasn’t there I was able to witness some of the awesomeness through Magentic’s Instagram posts and also through some of the DJ’s posts as well.

Top 10 Techno Chart 3.31.15

Martin Garrix and Tiesto dropped by David Guetta’s place and knocked a bit too hard on the dock (which was actually pretty funny and everyone is ok), Paris Hilton was carrying around bags of money, and Diddy and Justin Bieber helped close out the main stage at the festival.

You can read up on all of that in our coverage of the WMC and Ultra but for now it is Tuesday so it is time for techno. Lets get into the top 10 techno chart!


“Inner Soul”
[Mobilee Records]

This is a sunset techno track. It is one of three tracks from, Live Life, the newest EP from AND.ID. I say it is a sunset track because as I listen to it I can imagine the sun going down turning the sky a dark red as the tribal drum rhythm steadily pumping more and more energy into the party as the night falls. Bring on the summer!


Lander B
[Beat Therapy Records]

This is one of the singles off Lander B’s latest release on Beat Thearapy records, Birra EP. The four-tracker is full of shuffling beats. The vocal loop on this one is a real party starter.


“Moudness (Wade Remix)”
Miguel Bastida
[Be One Records]

This remix from Wade is out now on Be One Records and it is going to get the summer parties going. It has a great tech house foundation with some nice dubbed out hollow stabs and, of course, margarita mix!


Sinisa Lukic
[Creed Records]

This techy shuffler is out now on Creed Records as part of their Concrete Creed 01 compilation. It has 10 hot tracks but this one has a particularly good arrangement with a really nice call and response swing to the effects, bass, and stabs. Of course it also comes with a nice twisted vocal sample that invites anybody and everybody out to the dancefloor.


Yan Oxygen
[Funk’n Deep Records]

This fired up techno track from Yan Oxygen is out now as part of his My Home EP. Releases like this one are the reason Funk’n Deep Records has become one of my favorite labels. The echoing vocals and hollow, deep, twanging bass line bring a dark and mysterious energy to the track. It is perfect for dancing in the rave rain.

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“Pianism (D/O/22 Remix)”
Oliver Santiago
[Simposio Productions]

Get ready for a journey. This is one of five remixes of Oliver Santiago’s “Pianism” out now on Simposio Productions. D/O/22 delivers this blooming techno beast. It is full of echoing stabs and heavenly pads that create and endless soundscape. Let your mind wander and allow your stream of consciousness flow like the steady beat of the drum.


“The Beat (Gene Farris Remix)”
DJ Pierre & Supernova
[Lapsus Music]

Up next we have another favorite artist of mine on the remix, Gene Farris. He has added a little more edge to the track, beefing up the bass and dubbing up the fx. It is another steady tech house rocker that will keep the party cranked up to 11.


“Receding Met”
Sergey Ilayskin
[Potobolo Records]

Here is a nice groovy tech house track from Sergey Ilayskin out now on Potobolo Records. This is from his latest release, Receding Met & Inside Division, which has two original tracks including a dub mix of “Receding Met” and an instrumental mix of “Inside Division.” The airy pads keep the energy high and uplifting, the deep distorted vocal jumps in to keep you attention, and the popping, distorted, synth stabs break up the steady percussion. Keep an eye out for Sergey Ilayskin.


“Volkwein (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)”
Super Flu & Dortmunder Philharmoniker

The original was featured on Magnetic’s week 46 house chart last year and this year the techno chart gives you the remix. This is a deep and dark blooming remix from Kollektiv Trumstrasse that peels each filtered layer back to reveal another dimension. It is definitely more electronic than the original, but it keeps some of the same analog soul with selected samples of strings and brass.


“Chester Copperpot (Lost In Caves Mix)”
Francesco Tristano & P41
[Get Physical Music]

The Body Vanquish EP is a collaborative release from Francesco Tristano and P41. This selection is a darker, dubbier, echoing, acidic, bubbling beat that got me excited when I heard it. The higher frequency elements, abundant in the original, have been filtered out and slowly reveal themselves throughout the track like glowing eyes watching you from the darkest corner of the caves.

Thanks for tuning in this week. Here is the entire playlist for your enjoyment. I will see you all again next week (techno Tuesday) for another top 10 techno chart.

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