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Top 10 Techno Tracks - 3.24.15 Chart

Top 10 Techno Tracks - 3.24.15 Chart


Slam photo via Slam Facebook Page

Welcome back Magnetic Magazine readers! I am happy to announce that the Winter Music Conference has begun! I am a bit jealous that I won’t be there as a massive majority of the worlds best DJs and producers converge on one city on earth at the same time.

I have yet to experience the Winter Music Conference but when I listen to these tracks I daydream about raging beach parties during the day and even crazier club parties at night. So if you are currently, going to be, or just wish you were in Miami, these top 10 techno selections will get you through the rest of the week.


“Body Posh”

This is off AFFKT’s latest 2 tracker, Shift EP, out now on Snatch! Records. It is a no nonsense tech house stomper. I like the old school “ahhh” and “fresh” scratch samples and the dash of acid for good measure.


“Turbo Clash (DJ Shufflemaster Club Mix)”
Disq Clash
Turbo Recordings

This DJ Shufflemaster remix is a turbocharged track out on Turbo called, “Turbo Clash”. This is a great booty shaker for Miami and for the coming summer.


“Point of Acid”
Marco Bruno

Marco Bruno delivers this acid drenched number on his latest 3-tracker, Timeless, out now on Portugal’s Trau-ma. The Soundcloud link is a preview of the entire EP. “Point of acid” is the first sample but I recommend listening through.


“Closer Then You Thought”
Horatio and Larisse Van Doorn
Deeperfect Records

Horatio and Larisse Van Doorn teamed up for the latest release on Deepeferct Records. It’s a four-tracker made up of three original mixes and one remix. “Closer then you thought” is the title track from the release an it is a rolling tech house heater.


“Whoop Under The Table (Thomas Kaire, Ruiz Sierra Remix)”
Hellomonkey and HiBoo
Egothermia Records

Thomas Kaire and Ruiz Sierra have dubbed and darkened the original “whoop under the table” giving it a late night warehouse vibe. This is one of the three tracks on Hellomonkey and HiBoo’s Voucher to Techno EP.

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Loco & Jam
Toolroom Trax

Just in time for Miami, Loco & Jam have put out a stellar EP for the sun drenched beach parties. This is the title track off of the Oblivion EP and it will have the masses dancing into oblivion with its infectious groove.


“Let It Go”
Green Velvet and Carl Craig
Relief Records

Green Velvet and Carl Craig have united (yes I said it) to create the latest album on relief records titled, Unity. The album is choc full of techy goodness. “Let it go” is one of my favorite tracks from the album. The vocal samples, synth stabs, and percussion intricately flow together like clockwork. It’s a standout track on a great album.


Last Night on Earth

This track is a melding of steel and silk. Dubspeeka is back on the top techno chart this week with a single off his latest release, Angel EP, out now on Last Night on Earth. There are two more original tracks and a remix by Alan Fitzpatrick. K22 is eerie and ethereal but it is also commanding and powerful.


“Nyctophilia (Emmanuel Remix)”
Marco Bailey
MBR Limited

What an appropriate name for an EP with three deep and dark techno tracks. Marco Bailey’s Nyctophilia EP is for all the lovers of the night and darkness. While I am a fan of all the tracks, I have selected the Emmaumel remix of the title track for the chart.


“Catacoustics (Gary Beck Remix)”

Gary Beck has turned up the heat on this remix out now on Soma. Reverse Proceed Interpretations_Part 2 is the second remix package to come from Slam’s Reverse Interpretations album released last October. Of the three tracks, this one has been leading the pack on the Beatport top 100 techno chart since its release last week. With the amount of energy this track is packing it can definitely climb higher.

Here is the full playlist for you to enjoy. See you next week!

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