Top 10 Techno Tracks - 3/17/15

Top 10 Techno Tracks - 3/17/15

Hello Magnetic Magazine readers! I am glad to have you back again for another top 10 techno chart. My senses tell me that you may be wearing green or have Guinness on your mind. Some of you have gotten up at the crack of dawn to be the first one in the doors at your favorite Irish pub and some of you had to get up at the crack of dawn to get to work. Either way I have selected 10 tracks for you to get you through the workday or help you nurse that afternoon hangover. Remember, this Tuesday may be St. Patrick’s Day, but every Tuesday is a techno Tuesday! Enjoy!


“Soulstice (Alberto Ruiz 80 Monster Remix)”
Monika Kruze meets Pig&Dan
[Terminal M]

Alberto Ruiz has definitely made a monster of a remix. The breakdown goes on for days, building the pressure more and more until, the steam is let out and the energy is forced through you.


Mr. Wox
[Pornographic Recordings]

This is a late night track from Mr. Wox has a dreamy, almost spooky, vocal sample and a beat that keeps chugging along. It's perfect for keeping the dancing going till the sun begins to peek over the horizon.


“Genedefekt (Pleasurekraft and Carlo Lio Remix)”
Green Velvet
[Relief Records]

Pleasurekraft and Carlo Lio have done a great job remixing this classic Green Velvet track. They gave it a tech house feel with the shuffley percussion, vocal sample stabs, and wobbly grinding effects.


“Never Forgotten”
Layton Giordani
[Intec Digital]

This is the title track off Layton Giordani’s latest EP, Never Forgotten, out now on Intec Digital. I really like the chilled out vocal samples and echoing, reverb-y breakdowns. It gives you a small breath of fresh air, a cool breeze that seemingly makes the packed sweaty crowd on the dancefloor vanish. Then the subs kick you in the ass and put you back to work.


Stephan Hinz & Pan-Pot
[Second State Audio]

HUB is the latest project from Second State Audio and this first release definitely puts its strong foot forward. Every release will be a collaborative effort between the featured artist and a different producer from the label roster. The multi faceted producer Stephen Hinz is the first to step up to the plate and his track with Pan-Pot stood out to me. It is a deep, dark blooming track that is just as good for the dancefloor as it is to sit back with some nice headphones and let your mind wander.

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Alex Mine

This is a track that doesn’t have to impose to move your body. Out now on Phobiq, this is one of the cuts off Alex Mine’s newest EP, Long Life. The plucky, gentle, bendy synth melody glides playfully over the steady techno percussion and pads. Mine plays well with the energy, using the white noise, pulling out the kicks, and punching them back in at just the right moments to keep the party moving forward.


Luke Kosmas & Ruiz Sierra
[Unity Records]

This is one of the gems you will find on the latest compilation "Unity Vol. 9" out now on Unity Records. The wobbled bass and deep vocal sample pair well together, guiding you down a dark and winding path. Paired with strobes and lasers this track is going to make you feel like you are in a lucid dream.


“Hermano (Mr. Bizz Remix)”
The YellowHeads
[Reload Records]

If the original “Hermano” was a warehouse party, then the Mr. Bizz remix is in the basement of the warehouse. The white noise and rolling bass in the beginning of the track sounds like a furnace burning, heating up the rest of the party upstairs. You can feel the pressure of this track pushing you to move your body.


“The Game (Elay Lazutkin Remix)”
[Funk’n Deep]

Two weeks ago we had D-Unity’s remix of Elay Lazutkin’s, “El Dorado” featured on the Top 10 Techno Chart and this week it’s Lazutkin’s turn to remix D-Unity’s, “The Game.” The warped vocal samples build up the anticipation in the intro and then Lazutkin fires the starting gun with a powerful kick and bass line. It has a great call and response element and of course that groovy bass line to get down to.


"Raw Like Me"
[Go Deeva]

The title track off of Moonwalk's latest EP out now on Go Deeva is going to bring the heat to any party. The vocal sample is cool, careless, and seductive. The bass is groovin and the drums and percussion stamp out an irresistible beat. This track is a formal invitation to get on the dancefloor and you can’t resist RSVPing “yes.”

Here is the rest of the playlist for you to enjoy. See you next week for another top techno chart!

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