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Top 10 Techno Tracks - 3.3.15 Chart

Top 10 Techno Tracks - 3/3/15 Chart

What’s up Magnetic Magazine readers and fans of all things techno! I have some treasures for you again this week. What with WMC coming up I can’t wait to see how much more will be released this month. I hope promotions and releases fall from the sky like the rain and hail we had in Los Angeles this Sunday. So let’s make it rain a little right now with this weeks top 10 techno tracks!

10. “I Can’t Breathe” - Bulaklak[Be One Records]
Starting it off minimal this week we have French producer Bulaklak, with the title track from his latest EP, I Can’t Breathe. The blippy synths give it a nice uplifting energy without imposing. It is a great balance of laid back and energetic.

9. “Around” - Roberto Capuano[Truesoul]
Out now on Adam Beyer’s Truesoul imprint, this is one of the tracks off Capuano’s latest EP, Never Stop. The soulful vocals and the 90’s style pad that emerges out of the background go well over the deep and polished modern techno bass and drums.

8. “Distanced” - ALX[De-Noize Records]
This latest track from ALX is a solid techno groover. The delicately juggled echoing effects and the “Distanced” vocal stab give this track depth like an airplane hangar.

7. “Swinging Chords” - Uto Karem[1605]
This latest techno tune from Uto Karem is abundant in swing. The swinging bass line and the call and response from the chimes make you feel like you are standing with a thousand wind chimes surrounding you, swinging in the wind. Especially during the breaks when it really airs out with the rising white noise effects.

6. “Access (Matt Smallwood & Polarised Remix)” - DJ Misjah & DJ Tim[Toolroom Trax]
The original “Access” is a 141 bpm psy-tech-trance monster that has been tamed by Matt Smallwood and Polarised. They gave it a brand new polished techno foundation and kept all of the original metallic, acidic goodies. A beast to the core, it will be causing damage on the dancefloor.

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5. “Black Soul” - Woo York[Life and Death]
It is just as deep and dark as the name says, Woo York takes us on a trip to the underworld on this track from their latest EP, The Valley of Songs. “Black Souls” is a twisted ferry ride across the Styx. The crackling of fire in the background and blaring horns like a signal of your arrival at the gates of Hades make this an eerie track perfect for the late night hour.

4. “Kuhglocke” - Project AKC[Intec Digital]
Shortly after his first 2015 single release on Intec Digital, “Moussaka,” Project AKC recently dropped his latest three-tracker EP, Charger, also on Intec Digital. The other tracks, “Charger” and “Maria,” pack some serious punch of their own, but the tribal percussion stood out to me on “Kuhglocke.” It has a rocksteady beat with a little bit of acid sprinkled on top.

3. “El Dorado (D-Unity Remix)” - Elay Lazutkin[Funk’n Deep Records]
D-Unity did a great job with this remix. He kept the twangy, bungee like sound that makes a brief appearance in the original, chopped it, tweaked it, and made it the star of the track, toning back the vocal to more of a subtle whisper. This is going to get the crowd bouncing on the dancefloor.

2. “Ask George” - Emanuel Satie[Get Physical Music]
Miami will soon be invaded by the electronic music masses and everybody is putting out compilations of their best and brightest work to get the water boiling. Get Physical has just released their compilation and “Ask George” is definitely a track that will be heating up the beaches. It has a great sample of a George Clinton interview, a groovy bass line, and sizzling percussion. Satie has done the prime minister of funk justice with this funky tech house groove.

1. “Departures” - Jay Lumen[100% Pure]
This track is a departure alright. It is your departure out of the atmosphere. The initial build of the track is the launch, your ship slowly picking up energy as you pull further and further away from the surface of the planet. The pressure keeps building and building until finally you reach top speed, still hurdling away from the grips of gravity. Suddenly you realize you have broken through into orbit, slowly feeling the sensation that you are weightless. But just as soon as it began, you are hurled back down to earth, blasting through the ozone layer and holding on for life. The contents of your mind may have shifted during takeoff and landing.

Here is the full playlist for your enjoyment. See you next week for the top 10 techno chart!

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