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Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - 3.6.15 Chart

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Tropical House/Chill Chart 3.6.15

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not tax refund time, or Coachella wristband arrival, or Christmas - even better. It's daylight savings time and with that comes the sunrise of good times ahead.

We are now blessed with long days of fun in the sun, warm nights on the patio with friends and family and an extra hour to enjoy the sunset. Grab some vitamin D, a drink at happy hour, walk your pup and just enjoy the energy. Coming from a guy who works late and has had to endure walking out of the office to dark skies the last 6 months, I am so stoked to enjoy a sunset cruise home every day from here on out. It's the little things like this that make each day a little brighter.

The top tracks in tropical, melodic and chill house this week are all over the map in style, but all have a very excited tone on their sleeves. Almost all of the featured artists are making their debut on this now seasoned chart, so I hope you find something new that you can enjoy with the windows down and the sun on your face. Follow the bouncing beach ball and sing it loud...

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy.

1. “If I Were A Ship (Chris Howland Re-Work)” - Hey Ocean!
The vocals in this song could make a deaf man hear. They clutch onto you and make you want to go meet your future wife so you can fall in love with each listening to the song. “Music is love in search of the words” as the lyrics go to this older remix by New Jersey’s Chris Howland. And he did a great job letting the words breath from his simple melodic house additions to the already smoldering track.

2. “RIVE (Restart The Game)” - Klingande feat. Broken Back
Klingande has traded in the sexy sax for, wait for it….the gnarmonica. Klingande has teamed up with another hot handed trop-influenced artist in Broken Back and switched up a bit of his classic sound to compliment the Paris-based singer’s style. I see some similarities in Broken Back’s voice to that of Milky Chance and have no doubt he will go far with the talents displayed so far. Klingande has come through with more firepower on his slate to go alongside the wanderlust anthem “Jubel” and I am very excited to be seeing him do his thang at the Fonda Theatre next weekend and to be watching the stream of his Ultra Music Festival debut.

3. “Crazy Love” - Freddy Verano & De Hofner & Möwe, Crosswalk Records
The funkification is sublime on this groovin beachy dancefloor igniter. Loving everything that Möwe of Austria has been working on lately, and their cross-Europe collab with Netherland’s De Hofner and Germany’s Freddy Verano shows the energy they can bring to a track. This song needs to be my alarm clock because it would put me in such a good mood every morning. Although, I will say I’d rather be jamming to this piano and percussive-paletted shaker under glowing disco lights twirling around two girls at the same time.

4. “5 South (Prod. Alexander Lewis) ft. Brasstracks” - Mark Johns
First off, turn this one up. Let the Alexander Lewis zippin beats simmer you, the Brasstracks horns wash over and finally the loveliest of vocals by Mark Johns cruise with you to paradise. This jazzy, future deep song is an evolved track unlike most things I’ve heard lately. It has genuinely strong musical roots with talent abundant, and manages to blend so many types of vibrant genres into this lush, glimmering romp down the coast. Mark Johns is making molten music right now, gaining attention from many critics and other top talent’s ears, and I will be damned if this isn’t a huge year for her. Grab the free download of the track by this young gunner whose style and sound is as delicious as watermelon.

5. “Wild Ones (Mot. & Stone Van Brooken Remix)” - Bahari
Interscope Records just dropped a gorgeous track featuring three lovely ladies from Los Angeles harmonizing like I haven’t heard in a while. I’ve been waiting patiently for a remix to come along that gives the track that extra dancey, cruising pop. Enter Mot. & Stone Van Brooken to accentuate the track with some perfectly fitting deep house melodic bounce all while maintaining the beauty of these three siren's voices.

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6. “The This This (Kaskade Remix)” - Late Night Alumni, Arkade
Why the heck is Kaskade on this chart? Well just listen and you’ll hear why, silly gooses. The legend has brought his Redux deep house-sound to a remix of his side project Late Night Alumni and included a playground of subtle melodic, tropical instrumentals and beats. This track makes me crave for summer love and day party antics along some gorgeous sunkissed shores. It’s definitely more deep house driven, but I just wanted to include it since he brought the bongos and acoustic jammy sounds along for the ride. Kaskade has always been one of my favorites and this just solidifies his incredible evolving artistry.

7. “Sweet Disposition (Kopa Remix)” - The Temper Trap
The tropical house genre as a whole is flooded with remixes of classic, pop anthems. Some are good, some are generic and some just find me not trying to even categorize it because it's taken me somewhere else than my computer and headphones. Kopa has brought a perfectly balanced arrangement to work alongside Temper Trap’s floating vocals and he’s created a song that sounds almost wholly original in the process.

8. “Bloodstream (FlicFlac Bootleg)” - Ed Sheeran
Somehow I’ve never charted FlicFlac until now, but this Austrian duo is a fine tuned melodic house machine. Of course the song I choose to chart is an Ed Sheeran remix - because I’m borderline fangirl obsessed with anything featuring him it seems. The sweet crescendo of the wood flute and clinking beat bumps the energy levels of Mr. Sheeran’s hit up to a perfect altitude. I expect to hear a gang of electronic originals featuring the redhead this summer.

9. “Last Chance To Dance (Goldroom Remix)” - Ekkah
New Goldroom! Oh Yeah! This is one of the artists that made me see the light in this sunshine style of music, and he deserves every ounce of thanks and praise for the growing popularity in beach vibe beats. The smooth r&b beats of Ekkah’s sexy original takes a dip in glowing liquid gold with this fire remix by the Cali producer. Get your party pants on and wear your best sunnies, Goldroom along with a slate of other heavy hitters in nu-disco, melodic and tropical house is rocking Waterfront Park in San Diego next weekend for the upcoming CRSSD Fest. WARNING: This weekend they might sell out so get on it now and don’t miss your chance to party alongside this paradise pirate.

10. “Flashbacks” - PYLOT
Welp, this is our life now. We live inside an 80’s inspired neonlit video game and PYLOT is providing our theme song for our new home. The dreamy synth dance orchestra has epic overtones and gorgeous interludes throughout before breaking down into a pixelated party of disco vibes and dance pop. It's a damn good time and I highly recommend popping this cassette in while you're cruise along the highway (preferably not in traffic).

Full Chart. Groove on…

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