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U.S. May Be Softening Its Stance On MDMA


U.S. May Be Softening Its Stance On MDMA

The US didn't accidentally legalize ecstasy or anything but the government does appear to be softening its stance on MDMA.

According to the Huffington Post, the DEA just approved a study that could help legalize the drug for medical use. The study will seek to help people suffering from "life-threatening illnesses".

The idea is that taking MDMA will help psychological treatment be more effective, as the patient will be more open and receptive. This will theoretically make the patient better able to deal with anxieties and stresses associated with their illness.

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It's hardly a novel idea as the report points out, and the doctor overseeing the study is apparently one who has long been a proponent of MDMA's medical use. The group behind the study is one who has been associated with several other MDMA studies. The Huffington Post reports that the group is seeking to make the drug legal for medical use by 2021.

Keep in mind that most molly and ecstasy circulating is not pure, and even if it is, it can still be extremely dangerous. Mixmag recently published warnings of "extra strong" pills that later ended up putting people in the hospital. We never advocate drug use and you should understand that these studies are being done with limited, pure doses, monitored by medical professionals. And they are only in the study phase for a reason.

Another thing to consider, no matter how unpopular it might be, is that the more this drug is abused, the more likely it is to be demonized, and the less likely it could be in potentially helping people in the future.

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