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What So Not Reimagined In Debut Solo Tour

What So Not To Play First Solo Tour

When Flume broke up with Emoh, we wept. What would happen to What So Not? Would our beloved soulful bass music simply disappear? Now with a new solo tour and upcoming EP, the answer makes our doubts seem stupid.

Emoh already announced (in a way) that he's keeping the moniker alive with stops set for Coachella and Miami Music Week. And now he's fully embracing his new name with a nationwide tour.

He told Dancing Astronaut:

"I love the core of [What So Not] and I think what I’ll do first is expand on that idea."

One of the ways he plans to expand the idea is by making his performances about art as well as music. He referenced Gorillaz, Daft Punk, and Flylo noting that he wants to incorporate "strange video concepts" in future collaborations.

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The tour kicks off in Milwaukee, WI while hitting up stops like Coachella and Counterpoint as it evolves into a potential Emoh masterpiece. If the artwork is any indication, he's well on his way.

The solo tour ironically launches as part of the Gemini EP, the final mix What So Not made as a duo.

What So Not To Play First Solo Tour

Full interview at Dancing Astronaut

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