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Will Apple's New Streaming Service Kill Free Music?

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(Beatport's new streaming service is surprisingly free... for now.)

Why Apple's New Service May Kill Free Music

Oh sweet nostalgia. Remember the days when we actually paid for music? Maybe you never got to experience it, but new rumors around Apple's streaming service suggest that those days may be returning - for everyone.

Their new streaming service is set to launch in June according to Billboard, and will compete with Spotify and the newly announced Beatport service. But with a rumored subscription cost of $9.99 per month (no free version), they're bound to fail, right?

The Beats Music service Apple purchased to base their new service off of was comparable to Spotify premium. The difference is Spotify also has their free version... but don't think that own't change...

"Now the smoke is clearing and different attitudes are forming. Some labels feel Spotify should have more than 15 million subscribers, sources tell Billboard. Apple's pay-only service could be a turning point. If Apple is successful in attracting large numbers of subscribers without unlimited, or at least significant, free listening, Spotify's business model could fall under more scrutiny. "Spotify is good at giving it away for free, but it's bad at getting people to pay for it," says an industry source. - Billboard

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So sticking with Spotify for free might not be an option down the road. Instead, you may be turning to a familiar foe - Beatport.

Beatport just launched their free streaming service and has a history of getting the most exclusive content. It's strange to think that a place that used to make you pay nearly $3 for a song is now your cheapest option. How quickly things change.

Of course, Beatport won't have the non-electronic catalog of iTunes or Spotify, but still - that's not our bag anyway.

Billboard noted that label sources don't want Apple to cannabalize the market, as it's often helpful to get people to hear new music for free, but maybe they don't understand the power of what they're conjuring. This is Apple we're talking about.

If there's one thing that's been proven time and time again, it's that you shouldn't, under any circumstances, underestimate Apple.

Original article via Billboard.

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