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Will New Beatport App Obliterate iTunes and Spotify?

Will New Beatport App Obliterate iTunes and Spotify?

By now you should be preparing. You should have heard the news, and you should be preparing. Beatport just announced their first-ever app which is bringing unlimited streaming, and their plan of world domination, to your pocket. iTunes and Spotify have nothing on this beast.

Like the new site itself, the first-ever Beatport app isn't about downloading music. Instead, it's about streaming music and finding local events with links to ticketing. The app will be available on Android and iOS. The app could not be found in the stores yet at the time of this writing.

Think about that. Spotify charges you close to $10 a month to stream music on your mobile device, and Apple is rumored to have a similar subscription service in the works. This Beatport app and service appears to be free - and it even looks like iTunes...

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Will New Beatport App Obliterate iTunes and Spotify?

You might get more variety from Apple or Spotify, but do you really care? Electronic music continues to bleed into other genres as it becomes pop music for the world. If Beatport can provide a vast amount of electronic content, the streaming game could be over.

Beatport started in 2004 as a place for DJs to download high quality audio files. This service will still exist as "Beatport Pro" and users will be able to download tracks with one-click while they stream for free.

The Beatport site goes even further, providing live performance streams, interactive event calendars, and... video content. Goodbye Vevo. It was horrible while it lasted (though to be honest, we never made it through all the ads).

All hail the king.

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