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10 Best Techno Tracks - 4.21.15 Chart

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10 Best Techno Tracks 4/21/15


Rafa Barrios

Hello there Magnetic Magazine readers! I am glad to have you here for another techno chart, featuring the best techno that I have been getting down to this past week. I am eager to get this party started so let’s jump right into it. Here are my picks for the 10 best techno tracks of this week.


Madson Scaut

I can feel this sub bass kicking down my eardrums as I write this. Madson Scaut dropped this title track on his latest EP, Metropolis, out now on Trau-ma. As I mentioned before, the sub bass is killer. I also like the acid synths and simple blipping stabs that pan back and forth throughout. The Soundcloud clip here is a sample of both tracks from the release so give them both a listen.


“Keep On (Raxon Remix)”
Electronic Youth
[Lapsus Music]

Raxon has remixed this track as part of the Dirty Money EP, out now on Lapsus Music. Raxon has taken the deep house vibe from the original Electronic Youth production and distilled it into a more minimal deep tech house tune. The original bass line makes a brief appearance during the main break and is distorted and warped, then just as quickly stripped down into the minimal tech beat that builds back up again.


“Rotary (Dangeli Remix)”
Bastien Bucci
[RedMoon Recordings]

The intro for this track is a four to the floor techno beat but as you can hear from the Soundcloud sample, Dangeli has given us a multi kick tribal beat to get down to. I like the subtle acidic touch that peeks through in the breakdown but is present in the background throughout the track along with the reverb on the synth lead.


“Demence (Peppelino Remix)”
Mark Throw
[Be One Records]

One of the three remixes off Mark Throw’s latest release on Be One Records, Demence EP. Peppelino has taken the original and brought us down into the techno catacombs. It has great ascending percussion stabs and echoing effects that skitter by like creatures of the underworld. I recommend checking out the original and other two remixes off of the release.


“Under Control”
[Clorophilla Records]

Franx has delivered this groovin’, hard hitting, tech house track out now on Clorophilla Records. It has a solid and steady rolling bass with aggressive vocal samples that pump up the energy. I also recommend checking out the other 3 remixes that make up the release.

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Matt Sassari

Here is the title track off of Matt Sassari’s latest release on Karftek, Cookers EP. I love the syncopated percussion, the trippy vocal sample, blippy space sounds, and the faint disco strings filtering in and out over the steady shuffling drums and high hats.


“Desire Feat. Daniel Wild (Alberto Ruiz Remix)”

Alberto Ruiz has taken this trippy electronica track and given it dancing shoes. Though the original does have a beat, Ruiz has punched it up with a rocksteady feel. He also added tons of reverb and echoes to the effects and vocals making it a giant in the club.


“Movement Nation”
[Funk’n Deep Records]

This is a dark and brooding track from Jayforce out now on Funk’n Deep Records. Get ready to take a journey through a haunted warehouse with this track. The diabolical vocal sample and pulsing pads are going to have the late night partiers whipped into a frenzy on the dancefloor.


“One Step”
Adrian Hour
[Toolroom Trax]

The title track from Adrian Hour’s latest two tracker, One Step EP, out now on Toolroom Trax. This is a hypnotic big room number with some serious power. The breakdowns are stretched out to maximum tension and the drops kick you in the chest.


Rafa Barrios
[Intec Digital]

Fresh off the Intec Digital press, we have a single from Rafa Barrios’ new three-track EP, Daledalehey. All three tracks are fire, but I connected with the warped, deep, vocal sample and the tribal, samba-esque rhythm. I see this one burning up the Ibiza beaches this summer.

Here is the entire chart for your enjoyment! Have a great week and see you next time for more of the best techno, on techno Tuesday, here at Magnetic Magazine.

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