10 Best Techno Tracks - 4.28.15 Chart

10 Best Techno Tracks - 4.28.15 Chart

Hey Magnetic Magazine readers! It's another techno Tuesday! I hope you are all enjoying the last week of April. I was thinking about how fast this year has gone by and how long I have been doing this chart. It has been 15 weeks since I have started at Magnetic, which means I have dug up 150 tracks for you to jam out to! And your enjoyment only adds to mine, so lets get into the 10 best techno tracks of the last week in April.


“Bad Reflections”
The duo known as NHB brings the dark and twisted energy from the first kick on this track, out now on Alleanza. “Bad Reflections” keeps the energy going into the late night hour with it’s synth stab melody and airy dub effects.


DJ Veljko Jovic
[Creed Records]
DJ Veljko Jovic recently released his Luna EP on Creed Records. Included in the release was this tech house groove. The vocal sample drives the energy forward while the grooving bass line keeps your body moving. I like the conga drum pattern, which gives a nice summery feel to the track.


“Laser (Skober Remix)”
Juan Mora
[Krannit Records]
Skober is no stranger to the techno chart here at Magnetic. He has done it again with his remix of Juan Mora’s “Laser,” out now on Krannit Records. Even though it is 128 bpm, it has the energy of a 138 trance track. I am digging the synth stabs and the bubbling bass.


“Mighty Ducks (Dani Rivas Remix)”
Pedro Silva
[Myself Music]
This is one of the remixes off Pedro Silva’s latest EP, Unbroken, out now on Myself Music. Dani Rivas has added some extra warped and dub effects, as well as reducing the prominence of the bass line from the original, stripping it down to an even more minimal piece. This is a great track to start off a great night.


“Output 909”
Loco & Jam
[Deeperfect Records]
This is Loco & Jam’s third appearance on the Magnetic best techno chart, and they are making an impression with this high energy jam. It is a proper warehouse techno track with all the dubbed effects, heavy rolling bass, massive drops, and the vocal loop to drive people to frenzy.

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Dave Angel
[Bedrock Records]
Dave Angel released this track last week on techno legend John Digweed’s label, Bedrock Records. Angel has become quite the legend himself and is considered to be the godfather of the UK techno scene. “Progress” is one of two tracks on the release and it has a gradual build arrangement with gentle synths, great percussive patterns, and vocal samples woven in for good measure. It has a very light and airy, euphoric feel to it.


“Module XOX (Carlo Lio Remix)”
Ramon Tapia
[Incorrect Music]
Ramon Tapia turned to Carlo Lio to remix his “Module XOX” release and it is out now on Incorrect Music. Lio has taken the original and made the higher frequencies shine a little more with the extra effects, high frequency pads, and reduced filter on the looped synth stab. He has also extended the breaks, making it more dramatic when the drops hit. Keep your eye out for more on Carlo Lio from Magnetic, coming soon!


“Denial (Eyes Closed)”
Josh Wink
[Ovum Recordings]
Techno legend Josh Wink has released his latest EP Denial with 4 tracks: 3 versions of “Denial” and the acappella (or ‘Futurepella’) for those who want to loop it live during a set or possibly sample it for their own remix. The “eyes closed” version was my pick for the chart because it has a simple yet driving energy behind it, which evolves into an ethereal and airy track and then gradually strips back down to its foundation.


Alex Mine
Out now on Dubfire’s SCI+TEC imprint, Alex Mine has dropped this topsy turvy track as a part of his Be Different EP. The high frequency blip stab layers great over the rolling bass line, pumping up the energy throughout the entire tune. Though this track is considered minimal, it makes a huge impact.


“Booty Angel feat. Kid Enigma (Johnjon Remix)”
Till von Sein
These days genres of electronic music are constantly blending together to form newer and more interesting pieces of music. This deep minimal tech house track is a perfect example. Johnjon has taken the original deep house track and turned down the lights on it to make it darker and more tech-y. It’s another great track to start the night off.

Thanks for tuning in again this week! I will be seeing you all next week on techno Tuesday for another 10 best techno tracks of the week. Here is the full playlist for your enjoyment:

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