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10 Best Techno Tracks - 4/14/15 Chart

10 Best Techno Tracks - 4/14/15 Chart

Hey Magnetic Magazine readers! My guess is you are reading this feeling one of three emotions: 1) Exhausted/Hungover from Coachella, 2) Excited to get to the polo fields for Coachella or, 3) Wishing you could be at Coachella even for one night.

With the variety of artists on the lineup and the surprise guests that are always invited to perform (Madonna, Paris Hilton, Etc.), either on stage or at an after party, Coachella always has something for everyone.

Be sure to check out the coverage from team Fauxchella for some interesting antics from the first weekend. So without further ado, here are the 10 best techno tracks of the week. Let’s go!


“Cliché (Fabian Hug Remix)”
[Parquet Recordings]
This is a track to greet the sunrise. The samples of birdcalls and white noise make me imagine the steam coming off the blades of grass in a meadow as the morning sun heats the dewdrops.


“Venus (Truncate Remix)”
DJ Hyperactive
Hitting the ground running, this track is an injection of energy for the dancefloor. Truncate has beefed up the original “Venus” and created an angry mammoth that stomps and crushes anything standing in its way. The syncopated stabs on top of the pounding drums will have all the ravers gritting their teeth extra hard.


Collective Machine & Spencer K
[KD Music]
Collective Machine and Spencer K have delivered another dancefloor fire starter. It has already garnered support from huge names like Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, and Arjun Vagale to name just a few. With its grooving tribal beat and airy warping synths, this is sure to get those hands in the air.


“Shit Talk”
[Get Physical Music]
Moonset is the debut EP release on Get Physical for the up and coming artist m.O.N.R.O.E. The soft synth and violin stabs add a mellow attitude to the track for the late night hours but the kick drums will keep you up through the night. Artists like Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Joris Voorn, and many more already support him, so expect to see much more from m.O.N.R.O.E. very soon.


“Stop The World”
Yan Oxygen & Skober
After they collaborated on “Take A Look Inside,” Yan Oxygen and Skober are back at it with their newest collaborative track, “Stop The World.” The Stop The World EP includes two remixes: one from D-Unity and the other from Drumcomplex and Roel. The original mix boasts great dubby panning arpeggios that fill up the room and a pounding bass to rattle your chest.

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“Who’s Bad”
The Southern & A++
[Orange Recordings]
Out now on Steve Mulder’s Orange Recordings, this is the title track from A++ and The Southern’s super fresh, Who’s Bad EP. Pulsing pads, vocal stab samples, and a steady percussive pattern keep the infectious energy high throughout the track. It will have you moving through the crowd with some extra swagger.


Pascal Nuzzo & Subjects
So you took the red pill... Get ready to find out the truths you didn’t know could exist. Pascal Nuzzo and Subjects have teamed up to play with what your belief of what reality is. The appropriately titled Beyond Secrets EP has three tracks of mind bending techno. This is the more spaced out number on the release with the echoing stabs, dubbed out effects, and filtered vocals. I feel like I am in a spaceship with ground control trying to guide me through the unknown.


“Who You Are (Dosem Remix)”
Christian Smith
Here is another trip through the depths of your psyche on the chart this week. No introduction is necessary for the legendary Dosem, who has delivered this mellow yet powerful track. The hypnotic vocals and 80’s synths floating over the steady kicks and syncopated percussion make this not only a danceable track but also a treat to listen to casually with headphones.


“Erector Pili”
Joel Mull
This is one of the singles from Joel Mull’s Buzzers EP, out now on MOOD. Mull moulds a dense soundscape with stretched out synths and bubbling tribal beat. The other two tracks on the release pack some serious punch as well, making it a great follow up to his Wind It Up EP release on MOOD last September.


“Bring The Lights Down”
Oozing with groove, UMEK has dropped this hot single on his very own 1605. Inspired by the angry moment of snapping to reality when the club turns on the lights to kick everyone out into the morning sun, UMEK defiantly orders that the lights be brought back down for even one more hour of bliss. This beat is so dope that the manager might actually let the party keep going till noon.

So there you have it! Here is the entire playlist for you to enjoy. See you next week for another top 10 techno chart!

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