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Ask Diplo Now: Dashboard Confessions


Ask Diplo. Anything.

Diplo is taking to Tumblr at 3 p.m. PT today (April 14) to answer your questions about anything. And he's taking questions right now. The focus appears to be on a couple "Major" topics - namely an upcoming cartoon and new project - but "anything" is also specified.

The "Dashboard Confession" is technically regarding Major Lazer, though you can ask Diplo anything as he will be the man on hand answering the questions. One question might be, what exactly is up with this multiple-album Major Lazer thing and what kind of cameo's we can expect in the cartoon? We know there will be Aziz Ansari but... will it get Skrilly?

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Diplo is everywhere these days though, bouncing from one locale to the next, dancing with Madonna on Jimmy Kimmel, launching a hunt-for-creatives with K-Swiss, and doing his own thing at several festivals. Really you should be at no shortage of questions. Ask them here or (forever?) hold your peace.

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