Axwell & Ingrosso Get Tropical With Kungs

Axwell & Ingrosso Get Tropical With Kungs



Talk about a sea change. Axwell & Ingrosso have been releasing one power ballad after the next, they've acted in their own short film, and they're in the process of touring the biggest festivals in the world. Not exactly what one would call mellow or chill. Cue Kungs.

The 18-year-old French producer makes a major edit to "On My Way" and takes it to a totally different place. From some sandy beach, he sends the lead guitar off to sea to serve merely as driftwood. Suddenly all that bravado is gone. And listen closely to the lyrics. The loud proclamation is gone as well.

As if no longer trying to draw attention to itself, Kungs removes the "tell everyone under the sun" part of the lyrics while leaving the rest largely intact. A subtle touch that goes hand in hand with keeping cool.

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FADER may have nominated the original for "Song of the Summer" but this could be the remix of the year. Out May 26th.

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