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Cat DJ Prodigy Already Better Than Most


Watch Meowingtons DJ (Results Are Next Level)

Forget all that boring crap about those DJ prodigy kids... this feline is taking things to the next level. It should come as no surprise of course, given that his mentor appears to be deadmau5. Yes, Meowingtons may be making his debut.

Deadmau5 took to Twitter to show off the cat DJ prodigy and we were blown away at what happens. The cat has the natural DJ instinct to start pretending to do stuff, but then seems to just say fuck it. It doesn't even attempt to "press play" or anything.

From all the fake nob turning, dial pumping and very real cake throwing... doing nothing is a refreshing change and something perhaps only a cat could think of. But here's the twist that really makes this shit next level...

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It's not even plugged in.

It's unclear where or when we'll see Meowingtons onstage, but there is no doubt it signals a change for festivals and clubs everywhere. If the EDM bubble is bursting, this is what's on the other side, people - cats. DJ cats.

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