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Chachi Breathes Fresh Life Into Dirty South Anthem (Interview + Premiere)

Chachi Breathes Fresh Life Into Dirty South Anthem (Interview + Premiere)

For around 15 years, the name Chachi was most associated with a DJ. One that stemmed from New York, but was known for playing shows in locations well beyond that. That role was his legacy, but the last 12 months have changed everything for the now rising producer.

What started with a few bootlegs on Soundcloud has evolved into a strong backing, and now official remixes for major labels, charting on HypeM, and a mind state that his career is just really starting. He hasn't lost his love for playing shows and making mixes though.

That will always be apart of him, but now he is a duel threat. One that is new to the production game, but a veteran to dance music and its changing tides. Today we are premiering his full remix of "With You" from Dirty South and FMLYBND, a standout from the 2014 album of the same name.

With the remix, we get a mixture of festival sensibilities with a personal touch. It falls directly between deeper club anthem and a more laid back festival track, drenched in emotion and layered with addicting qualities. Unique sound design sits beneath vocals from the original, all wrapped underneath a steady layering of drum sections. You can purchase on Beatport now via Phazing Records, and stream the entire track below.

1. What can you tell us about this Dirty South remix, and how did it all come about?

I did a remix of Timbaland's  "The Way I Are" that went #1 on HypeM. Dirty South's management heard it and hit me up to see if I was interested in working on a remix for Dirty South. I couldn't type "yes" fast enough.

2. You’ve been in the game for a long time now, but these last 12 months have been especially big. Does this all feel like a fresh start for you?

It's funny. This kind of keeps coming up and I keep telling people I feel like my career is really just starting.

3. You were a DJ long before you were a producer. What was the hardest part about making that transition?

The hardest part is the learning curve in production. You're diving head first into sound design, mixing, and mastering. You have to know and be great at so many tasks that are so difficult on their own, never mind together. I've been DJing for so long it's like breathing to me. I can have a convo, take a drink, and mix a record all at the same time and not notice.

4. With this in mind though, how has the art of being a DJ helped influence the way you view production?

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After doing anything for years, you know the ins and outs. The things that are feelings that aren't in the manual. Those are the invaluable tools I've been able to bring over from DJing into production. You just know what's going to come across a crowd and make those hands go up.

5. You’ve been known to remix artists in genres all across the board. Do the artists you remix reflect what you listen to on your own?

Actually not at all. The music I listen to on my personal time and the music I listen to in the studio or play at work couldn't be more different.

6. What is the goal of both the Split Personalities and What Happened Last Night mixes, and how does your approach towards both differ?

Split Personalities is the year in music. I've been playing multiple genres in my sets for years so that is where the "Split Personalities" concept came from. What Happened Last Night is a way for me to keep my fans up to date on the most current dance music. It's a full time job to know every single song that has come out and the 4 zillion remixes that have been done of those songs. It's my job to sift through all that for the gems and bring them to my fans.

7. Would you say the dance music scene of New York has influenced you the most, or is there any other place that impacts your style of production?

New York definitely made me and it may sound cliche but especially nowadays I'm 100% a product of the world. I come across new producers everyday from all around the globe and am constantly influenced by styles and sub genres I would have never heard before without the help of invaluable tools like HypeM or Soundcloud.

8. Besides producing and performing, what does your life usually consist of?

This thing called music is my life. It sounds like one of those silly quotes on Instagram but most have a 9 to 5 job. Any producer really trying to make it will tell you, we have a 24/7 365 job. My favorite bio quote has always been of Danny Daze. It said "real DJ's don't have tans." He was right. In the few moments I'm not at the studio I train Muay Thai Boxing 4 days a week.

I have amazing friends who drag me out of the studio for a much needed break to catch a flick or grab a drink and catch up. I go see my family every single Sunday without fail. I didn't realize it until later in life but they've kept me grounded, focused and humble. Working with artists like Dirty South could give you a big head or an ego if you're not careful. But if the next afternoon your older brother is giving you nuggies, the odds are against it.

9. What comes next for your career? We’ve been seeing you post about Spinnin Records. Anything you can tell us about that?

It makes me so excited to say what comes next and will continue to come next is music, music and more music. A few artists I've been fans of for years have reached out looking for remixes that are in the works now. All I can say about Spinnin for the moment is they reached out to me after I released one of my free remixes. They said they loved it and were interested in licensing it. Which remix it is we'll just have to wait and see.

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