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CRSSD Was A Hot ($60,000) Mess?

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CRSSD Fest is Coachella’s Hot Younger Sister


All in good fun, right?

We told you before that the new CRSSD Fest was Coachella's hot younger sister, and now we have confirmation for NBC San Diego that she's a hot mess as well. Hot as in, the festival was awesome; Mess as in, $60,000 of damage. Nearly double the amount of money the space cost to rent.

The report comes from NBC San Diego who notes that the second biggest costs ($14,000) came from depressed turf and granite surfaces. We would have to say the property had that coming... since people tend to have mass, and also, because of gravity, need something for which to support said mass. Of course, maybe we're misunderstanding what the article means by "depressed turf and granite surfaces".

The biggest chunk of damage though? Plants. Damage to plants. And we all know that plants need water. So it's a good thing California isn't lacking any of that...

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Check out the original articles for a link to all the repairs. But don't worry, CRSSD isn't just leaving the place a mess.

According to the County, festival organizers and the county have agreed to this estimate and work is underway to make the repairs.

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Original article via NBC San Diego

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