Cut Copy Artist Dips Into Retro Tropical Dance

Cut Copy Artist Dips Into Retro Tropical Dance

Consider it the tropical house of the late 70s or early 80s. Cut Copy's bassist Ben Browning has gone solo and delivered a funky piece of paradise.

"Make It Easy" is the lead single off Browning's upcoming solo album Turns due June 16th. The track sounds as if it's been out to sea for some time, soaking up the paradise and only now washing ashore. Only, there's nothing washed out about it - "Make It Easy" is as vibrant as ever. Think Random Access Memory Island.

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As new as this sound may be to you, it's only familiar for Browning. He's released a few solo tracks over the years and each one is as retro as the next. It's all very fitting since his influences are said to be 60s icons Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) and Paul McCartney (Beatles... and we're sorry we have to point that out).

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