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Daktyl Delivers Future Bass Through a Flute

Daktyl Delivers Future Bass Through a Flute

You know that feeling when everything starts coming together? Nobody is doing a better job of recreating that feeling right now than Daktyl.

Native patterns have already proved hugely popular and Daktyl is evoking that same kind of natural energy with his style of future bass. Not only that, he just released an Alison Wonderland remix and recently created a mix for Diplo & Friends.

On his new track "Cyclical", he evokes an inner peace through a forest flute and warm vocals before opening up the flood gates of euphoria on the drop. "Something so pure" as SPZRKT tenderly points out.


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It's a song, but it's also more than that. The Cyclical symbolism seems to strengthen the notion of everything coming together as one - for some reason reminding this writer of the iris of mother nature. Just another indicator of an emerging movement.

The rest of the album seems to carry a similarly quiet power - like something you might expect from a Flume / Jack U collaboration. You'll have to wait until April 21st for that, but you can preview it below and grab the single now. The future just got real.

Album Preview

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