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David Guetta Opens Up About Tiesto, Martin Garrix, And EDM Drug Culture

David Guetta Opens Up About Tiesto, Martin Garrix, And EDM Drug Culture

In a recent interview with Larry King, EDM superstar David Guetta got super excited as he spoke on recent events in his life. This included discussion about Coachella, Nicki Minaj, dream collaborations, and other stuff that wasn't all that exciting. What did peak our interest though was when he got into talks about the infamous boat crash in Miami that went down with Tiësto and Martin Garrix.

This story has been tossed around in different forms this past month, but we get to hear Guetta tell his side of the story. In the interview, he starts talking louder with his crazy smile and gets super excited once again. He tells Larry King how excited they were to see him at his rented house screaming "David" and "bumping loud music," and that they just didn't stop and hit the pier.

He also tells us lots of unnecessary details that we really didn't need to know, but basically the main point was that everyone was laughing, super excited, and jumped on the boat and kept going. The point is, David Guetta was insanely excited and continues to be excited about everything involving a boat crash.

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It was apparently the "funniest moment." Then he found out that it was going to cost him lots of money and it was on the internet, but he was just like "Oh Ok." Zero fucks given. Fun but a little expensive were his exact words. He also says that drugs are not part of EDM culture anymore since children are listening to it, which has us scratching our heads a little bit.

Watch the entire interview below, and learn more about the "Great David Guetta" and hear him tell Larry King to bring a bathing suit to Vegas. Just hearing Larry King say "EDM" and "Tiësto" is priceless. Did we mention how excited he was?

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