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Deadmau5 Coffee Break Gets 'Insane'


Deadmau5 In 'Creep Mode' During Coffee Break

Here's what it's like to be in both creep and insane modes with Deadmau5. It's so insane it causes the camera to crash.

The new deadmau5 coffee break took place in the Tesla P85D which actually has modes called "creep" and "insane". Both activated for the break.

So how crazy is it? While driving the car, he discusses possibly setting up a race "somewhere like Kayuga... or CTMP (Canada Tire Motorsport Park)". This would be interesting given his new Meowclaren P1 just arrived which he describes as a "rocket".

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Check out the full video below which Deadmau5 describes the Tesla as "by far the best electronic car." As for a coffee break in the Meowclaren? He's "saving it". For now...

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