Deadmau5 Goes Extra Large With Hodor


Deadmau5 Coffee Break With THE Hodor

Hodor just took a break with deadmau5 to grab some coffee and had to cram into deadmau5's largely modified truck. "Oh that's nasty. What have ya done to that, man? Witchcraft?"

During the cruise, Hodor also reminisces to a time when he was but 6-feet tall and the one time he was "truly at a loss for words". He also discusses a new TV show, EP, movie, and a possible new season of Game of Thrones. "Not confirmed" he makes sure to add to the camera.

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The conversation is pretty interesting and while it does largely center around Kristian Nairn, deadmau5 drops a few lines about his community and what it's like to live there and who got him hooked on techno.

Take a look below and let us know which one-liner is your favorite.

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