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Diplo Tests $100,000 Water


Diplo Tests $100,000 Drinking Water

In the new video for GQ's Most Expensive Shit series, Diplo guest stars as he and 2 Chainz take to water.

The two drink from numerous expensive brands, including the "#1 water in Spain", with numerous TDS levels (it doesn't matter what it means). They test out all the differences while a water "sommelier" with an exotic accent tells them how similar it all is to wine. After tasting one brand, Diplo acknowledges the purity.

That's definitely water.

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The tasting builds up to a $100,000 water "experience" so shocking 2 Chainz can hardly believe what's happening. Neither artist is buying, but 2 Chainz probably puts it best.

The most expensive water, when you can just drink rain.

This assuming you have rain to drink of course. With the ongoing draughts in California and water cutbacks taking place, paying up for water might become less of a joke.

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