'DJ Francis' Gets Low During Playoff Game


'DJ Francis' Gets Low During Playoff Game

Here's a refreshing reminder that "EDM" maybe isn't quite as mainstream as we feared. During an interview with NHL player Dale Weise, it was revealed that the player listens to "Get Low" to power up before games.

The reporter however, didn't exactly do his homework, referring to the Dill as DJ Francis. Kind of a combination between Dillon Francis and DJ Snake, the songs actual credited artists. The reporter could have gone "von deeper" and thrown out DJ Hanzel but he's definitely not at that level.

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It's a humorous out-of-touch moment but one that reminds us that as much as we may complain about mainstream EDM... there are plenty of people who still have no idea.

This is only another occurrence of electronic music making its way onto the ice. The NY Rangers goalie previously teamed up with Tiesto and made history.

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