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Do You Need A Coachella Playlist For Your Roadtrip? BEATGASM x MAGNETIC Have Got You Covered


beatgasm radio

So you are driving out to Coachella this weekend and you've remembered just about everything, except to make a Coachella playlist for what could be a LONG ass drive. Don't worry, BEATGASM and Magnetic Magazine have got you covered with #TeamFauxchella radio. Just go grab the BEATGASM app in the iTunes App store or the Goolge Play Android store, sign in, open it up and click on #TeamFauxchella Radio.

We've selected a nice group of sexy poolside housey tunes that will ease you into the weekend #TeamFauxchella style.

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We are also going to be cruising around Palm Springs / Indio areas in our vintage VW bus so follow the #TeamFauxchella tag for locations. We will be giving away a lot of great stuff from BEATGASM, Arnette, Downbeats, and more. Free refreshments and some pop up parties.

Tag @TeamFauxchella and if we like your picture we will set-up a private gifting just for you and maybe a pop up party?

More info HERE

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