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Eat Sleep Rape Repeat: Awarded Worst Coachella T-Shirt Of The Millenium


Eat Sleep Rape Repeat: Awarded Worst Coachella Tshirt Of The Millenium

What a week. First we have Paris Hilton laying a huge egg at her own event last Friday, then Madonna violates Drake with her geriatric publicity stunt and now we have this dude setting the interet ablaze with hate fire.

Is he really trying to bring awareness to the issue of campus rape or festival sexual harrassment? Or is he just a senseless twitt trying to spark some controversy?

Needless to say, the word rape is definitely not one to be tampered with lightly. The guys at Thump managed to capture this guy prancing around Coachella and they decided to put it on blast. More below.

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via Thump

Over the weekend, my THUMP co-worker Jemayel Khawaja tweeted a photo of a guy at Coachella wearing a shirt that says "Eat Sleep Rape Repeat." The dude is grinning widely and throwing deuces, looking thoroughly satisfied with himself. This nauseating celebration of rape culture combined with his unabashed smugness set off a Twitter firestorm, which turned into a viral tornado show once the picture hit Buzzfeed, Jezebel, and beyond.

Read More at Thump

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