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EDM Industry Rumor Alert: Dancing Astronaut Sells To Major Event Promoter


EDM Industry Rumor Alert: Dancing Astronaut Sells To Major Promoter

There have been rumors creeping around about the sale of Dancing Astronaut for months now, but mostly unsubstantiated ones. Finally we can confirm that those rumors seem to be fairly accurate, at least according to all the industry gossip that's been flying around the last week or so.

We have several sources that have confirmed the sale but since nothing has been officially announced this of course is still speculation, not fact. However, it was (or is) only a matter of time before the third and final battle in the EDM vertical would (will) begin, the battle for the endemic media. The artist management/booking game is all sewn up, the titans of Live Nation, SFX and AEG seem to have made most of their land grabs and now it's the media they are after. Those who control the information will have the power and this is the last frontier up for grabs. Buckle up, things are about to get interesting.

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As for who bought up Dancing Astronaut, we will wait for that official press release before speculating further. Hint: It's one of the big guys. We will leave you with this great Rock and Roll quote from Jim Morrison...

"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind."
Jim Morrison

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