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[EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD] Psychedelic Glitch In The "Air"

Shanghai based, London bred producer Conrank had an amazing 2014. With his Danger Rank EP reaching #1 in the Juno sales charts and a feature from the legendary DJ Shadow on his Exhale Therapy EP, he's proven himself as one of the premier producers in the psychedelic/experimental bass music scene.

[EXCLUSIVE] There's Psychedelia Blasting Through The "Air"

His latest single "Air" blends elements of grime, hip-hop, dubstep, and psychedelic glitch music to create a melodic bass-fueled banger. The light, arpeggiated synths give the track an airy presence to fit its title appropriately.

European fans of Conrank are in for a treat as he'll be playing a very special event in Hamburg this Friday, April 10th. Don't sleep on this one - Download it for free below!

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