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Fauchella Recap 2015: Popsugar + Shopstyle Cabana Club



POPSUGAR + Shopstyle Cabana Club - Alessandra Ambrosio x Baublebar

#TeamFauxchella Radio Listen Here for a chilled selection of deep, sexy day time tunes

KH: After our fearless editor secured our wristbands next door, we casually waltzed over to the newly named Avalon Hotel (f/k/a “Viceroy Hotel”) and by “waltzing over” i mean carefully walking while inebriated in heels.

Sadly while at the M-A-C party we missed seeing mega popstar Katy Perry but we were blessed by an Angel... a Victoria's Secret Angel…Oh yeah, the Popsugar x Shopstyle x BaubleBar party next door was a showcase launch of the collaboration between the online jewelry retailer and the Brazilian supermodel for her soon to be released "Ale, by Alessandra" line.



AD: Besides the legs for days spotted all over the Cabana Club, hosted by two of my favorites, PopSugar and Shopstyle, Team Fauxchella indulged in VOCO (the most amazing combination of vodka and coconut water, stay hydrated people! remember the Laws of Fauxchella) and got a sneak peek at Alessandra Ambrosio’s new jewelry line. Girl’s got great taste in accessories.

RK: Even though BaubleBar dubbed our super model hostess as a featured "guest bartender" for the line, the lovely angel never poured a drink but instead fluttered around poolside giving interviews and chatting and snapping photos with guests. She was even sweet enough to give us this breathtaking photo for our recap.


KH: After our angel sighting and after many vodka laced coconut cocktails, it was time for Team Fauxchella to leave, but before we could, we were handed a goody bag with a pair of Urban Ears headphones in bright white as we exited...another dope accessory to flaunt while we conquer the desert, and on the way out, we ran into a roadrunner off of the sidewalk. hmmm i wonder where that diabolical coyote was hiding out… and with a “meep meep” we left the scene!

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POPSUGAR + Shopstyle Cabana Club - JAMES DAVIS (JMS DVS)


KH: It was our last day and the time was getting close for Team Fauxchella to call it a day and head home, but before doing so we made a quick pitstop at the Popsugar + Shopstyle Cabana Club for one more whoohaa, over at the Avalon Hotel (formerly Viceroy). We were pleasantly surprised by the full blown salsa and TACO BAR, especially since we were planning on stopping somewhere to get a bite to eat on the way home. Beef, chicken and tortillas, oh my! Coupled with a choice of any and all fixins. Care for some grilled onions or peppers? If you don’t mind...wait, some cotija cheese AND two kinds of salsa? but of course...and what about guacamole? why yessir please! Cool side note: while we were waiting for our tacos to get served up at the walk up grill, the overhead grapefruit tree was so ladened with ripe fruit that plopped off their branches, one of them whacking the chef on the shoulder and without missing a beat, he grabbed his assailant, tore it in half with his bare hands and drenched the grill in its juicy citrus yumminess. mmm mmm goooooood tacos.


RK: We posted up at a poolside table near a bar where every flavor of bud light margaritas were available along with Belgian favorite Stella and as we began to feast.  You know a party ain't a party without a passed out fella...floating in the pool while gingerly holding his beer on his belly... (remember the Laws of Fauxchella) the DJ abruptly stopped the music. Immediately we assumed that there were either audio difficulties or that the party was sadly ending...NOPE! Instead of security guards ushering guests out, we began to hear some beautifully sweet harmonies pour out of the speakers and with a slight glance towards where the DJ used to be, we could see a trio begin their performance. After a sorted weekend of hip hop this, trap that, techno here, trance there our ears were caressed by James Davis (JMSDVS) who began to treat us to some soothing sounds that made our last stop a relaxing escape by the pool.


With the sun creeping further past the mountain at the back of the hotel it was clearly time for Team Fauxchella make our exit.

KH: Thank you to Hendri Bendel for our goodbye, goodie bags! Super rad collapsible brown and white logo-striped mini-backpacks filled with trendy treats for home, face, and body...we cannot wait to indulge ourselves back in LA!

(copy by: Rich Kim: RK / Kimberly Hall: KH / Alyssa Dominguez: AD / photos by: RK)


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