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Fauxchella 2015: Trunk Club + Sol Angeles

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Trunk Club + SOL Angeles

RK: leaving all the cares and concerns of LA living behind, team fauxchella began their annual journey into the desert for some much needed rest, relaxation and soiree. After an easy drive without traffic into Palm Springs, we checked into our hotel.

nightfall was fast approaching us and after a much needed dip in the jacuzzi it was time to gear up and begin the Fauxchella kick off night!

first stop, the Trunk Club + Sol Angeles exclusive ping pong soiree at La Quinta Resort & Club.

KH: We arrived around 6:30 just as the sun had headed over the hills and dusk rolled in and after a treasure map style hunt for the location, the library courtyard, we finally entered our first event. Such an elegant and sprawling setting made the intimate gathering feel even more exclusive.


Upon entry, guests were treated to an open bar selection of any drink of your liking along with special signature cocktails by Herradura Tequila and some light snacks.  With drink in hand we walked into the courtyard to find a guests playing ping pong on the many tables around.


RK:  A little history about our generous hosts...Trunk Club is an online based service for men where you are assigned an actual stylist to cater to your fashion needs and style choices.  After interviewing with your stylist, you are then presented with a collection of items that resonate your sense of style but also follow current looks and trends.  After you review the items online uniquely chosen by your stylist,  all of your wanted items get shipped to you in a travel trunk style box. You only pay for what you keep and if there's an item that just doesn't cut it while you're wearing it in real time, simply throw it back in the box and they cover the return shipping.  Who knew you didn't have to be a multi-millionaire or celebrity to have your very own stylist!

KH: Our other host, Sol Angeles, had a kiosk at the entrance of the courtyard where a rack of clothing specifically flavored for the Coachella weekend, were on display.  SA totes itself as "premium California lifestyle" weekend wear with "a low maintenance approach to refined living"...and after going through the various shirts and other pieces, you got an immediate idea of how high end their items were.  Think of the softest most-luxurious tee (made in USA) caressing your skin with eye pleasing graphics and voila, you have Sol.

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RK: With Herrradura cocktail bars close by it was very easy to get lost and giddy from the tequila libations! Even though it was early in the evening, many were enjoying drink after drink as the sound of the ping pong balls hitting paddles could be heard all over.


After a few yummy appetizers and a couple sessions in the photo booth, all of the guests began to gather around the blue and purple lit stage as the special guest band “Harriett” began to play.  Talk about a treat! With new wave flavored electro ballads, Harriet failed to disappoint.  It's surreal and magical to be treated to such an intimate mini concert from a band well versed in infectious music...(pssst...check out "Irish Margaritas" one of my favs)


KH: Trunk Club also had parting gifts for us and the other attendees by way of the coolest tote bags we’ve ever gotten from an event. The best part of the bag, however, had to be the bottle of Herradura tequila inside, along with a bandana just in case we were hit with another sandstorm.

RK: With the clock ticking and news of the 2nd half of “Team Fauxchella” entering the Palm Springs city limits, it was time to say farewell and head out to meet them at our next party destination.



(copy by: Rich Kim: RK / Kimberly Hall: KH)


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