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Fauxchella FAIL: Paris Hilton Clears Dancefloor At Her Own Party

DJ Paris Hilton To Headline 'World's Largest Music Festival'


Uncredited Paris Hilton photo from unrelated event

Let’s start at the end of the night and work our way to the beginning. Yeah, we are going to the get right to the juicy part… Paris.

So #TeamFauxchella made a rally at the end of Friday night to head out to the Zero Gravity party in Indio - essentially an after hours Coachella - not really knowing what we were getting into, not by a long shot. Once we arrived we figured out that this was a Beacher’s Madhouse event and was hosted by Paris Hilton, which was of course an immediate bummer but also quite intriguing.

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Fauxchella Fail: Paris Hilton Clears Dancefloor At Her Own Party

If you have been to a Beacher’s Madhouse event you know what we are talking about. Jeff Beacher is famous for his odd ball nightlife events replete with contortionists, little people, cookie monster, drag queens and more. A theater of the absurd in a nightlife setting for the most part, you can even have a little person fly your magnum of champagne over to you — that happened last night.

Fauxchella Fail: Paris Hilton Clears Dancefloor At Her Own Party


One of the many places we went to on this night.

We arrived at the party around 11:30 and it was just getting started. So being troopers we settled up to the bar and waited for the build, hearing mutterings of a big special guest DJ.

We never got the name of the first two DJs we saw. One guy was playing some decent house music when we got there, but then it got all 2006 with a mash-up style DJ bobbing and weaving through genres which just wasn’t working for us. No one wants to hear wedding jams at a Coachella after hours party. Then it happened.

All the Beacher’s Madhouse characters took the stage which created a bit of a spectacle at first and seemed to get the energy levels up despite the lackluster music. Then Jeff Beacher took the stage to announce the surprise DJ and of course it was Paris Hilton. She proceeded to take the stage in her usual highly self aware narcissitic fashion and started cranking commercial big room dance music.

It was kind of like watching a plane crash in slow motion, everyone kind of gawked at her in that sad kind of amused way, held up their phones to capture a snippet of the tragedy and then the floor cleared. It wasn’t an immediate parting of the Red Sea, more like a slow trickling out and overwhelming level of disinterest. Almost no one was dancing except the paid talent.

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Paris just continued on, as if she was rocking the stage at Ultra Music Festival (or will be at the largest music festival in the world), completely oblivious to the fact that she was laying a large magnificent egg right there in the DJ booth. Needless to say, we went home. Stat.

Fauxchella Fail: Paris Hilton Clears Dancefloor At Her Own Party

The early parts of the day were a lot more promising and started to fuel the anticipation for Saturday. The MAC party with DJ Mia Moretti, The Pop Sugar event at the Avalon, the beautiful VIP mansion by Resqwater… This was the start to a great weekend aside from Friday night's mishap.

Fauxchella Fail: Paris Hilton Clears Dancefloor At Her Own Party

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