Fauxchella Parties Weekend Two - Our #TeamFauxchella Picks


Fauxchella Parties Weekend Two - Our #TeamFauxchella Picks

If you are going to (or back) for "weekend 2" of Coachella here are some of our party picks for Fauxchella. It's not going to be quite as crazy as weekend one but there are still some good events to hit up. Sometimes less is more. If you went out to weekend one, check out some of our #TeamFauxchella recaps and pics here. You can also enter our #TeamFauxchella Ultimate Festival Pack giveaway Here.

If you don't have a playlist ready, no problem. Just tune into our #TeamFauxchella station on BEATGASM for a curated playlist of poolside and deep House music. It works on both iOS and Android.

If you want to read about the worst party of weekend one and maybe get a good chuckle, read about "DJ" Paris Hilton's big Fauxchella fail.  

The after-hours (above) by our friends at #NoFilter looks to be "The" spot to hit tonight after the festival. With epic day parties at the Hacienda and Saguaro hotel as well. (Below). RSVP info is on the flyer.

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Fauxchella Parties Weekend Two - Our #TeamFauxchella Picks

Fauxchella Parties Weekend Two - Our #TeamFauxchella Picks

Be safe out there, wear some ear protection and use Downbeats. Trust us, it will make your morning a LOT better. Full report coming next week.

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