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Fauxchella Recap 2015: Culture Collide Kickoff Party

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Culture Collide - Not A Pool Party Kickoff

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AD: Team Coachella Assemble! Yup, we all made it to the Coachella Valley and with just a second to drop off our things in the hotel room, we were off to The Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs for Culture Collide’s first-ever Coachella kick-off event. Billed as “Not a Pool Party,” it was the furthest thing from any pool (which we loved – because it was something outside of the box).


KH: As we walked through the packed lobby of the Hard Rock it was easy to feel like we were in Las Vegas and with so much action going on in all corners of the massive rock and roll decorated room, it was down the rabbit hole we went (okay, it was the escalator to the lower level ballroom, but you get the idea).

Team Fauxchella got a kick ass startle as we entered the downstairs hall, as we were greeted by a HUGE WHITE YETI on stage! RAAAAAAWWWRRR yikes!!!

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AD: Culture Collide is known for always having great bands play and we were just in time to catch one of the highlights of the evening, a live performance by PPL MVR!!! You may call them creatures of the wild with the giant yeti front man, but I call them an exciting heavy metal band who deliver such an unpredictable set, you never know what you’re in store for!


RK: All i remember was a huge Yeti who, after wailing on an axe, began wrangling people in the crowd into a dance circle and with every person he touched, they were marked with his own yeti-art to show the world that they had come into his presence! but as you can see...NOBODY CARED about being marked by the PPL MVR!!!

These guys truly rocked in such a manner that NO button pushing, knob sliding EDM producer could ever achieve. Again the clock was ticking and we quickly stopped off at the photo booth for a snap, the bars for more beers and the Lipton iced tea station for late night cocktail mixers, as we left the realm of the yeti for the last destination of our Friday night.


(copy by: Rich Kim: RK / Kimberly Hall: KH / Alyssa Dominguez: AD / photos by: Eric Reid)


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