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Fauxchella Recap 2015: DFM House + Sabo Skirt Pool Party



DFM House x Sabo Skirt Pool Party

RK: Upon getting to the wristband pick up checkpoint, Team Fauxchella were relieved to find that it was not over-run by massive crowds of stargazers hopeful to catch another glimpse of Justin Bieber, after he made a surprise appearance at Friday’s DFM party at the same Dolce Vita house…

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KH: A shuttle bus shimmied us up and down various hills in what seemed like a multi-terraneous maze of privileged private roads right up to the doorstep of a beautiful modern architecture oasis, the Fredricke Loewe Estate.  We heard that our visit was on a day that was a bit more subdued than the previous two, after word got out that Justin Beiber showed up…It was like the Belieber Bieber bat-signal emblazoned the skies post visit, to inform lookyloos, star-fuckers & fan-atics of the superstar sighting, which translated to mob scenes at both the guestlist location and the actual estate entrance on Friday and Saturday.RK: On our shuttle ride to the estate, we were lucky enough to sit next to a person that knew the lay of the land.  It was super cool to learn about us passing Elvis Presley’s estate where he was known to get really wasted and walk out firing out into the desert with his many guns.  After passing many breathtaking homes and palatial estates...we arrived!

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KH: After making our way past the Sabo Skirt Airstream at the entrance, we made our way to the pool area in back where inflated swans and flamingos floated on the water’s surface.  This place was amazing!!! breathtaking views overlooking Palm Springs at one side, adventure compelling rock gardens on the other.  We were surrounded by multiple bars serving delicious Brugal rum based concoctions as well as various gifting kiosks...
THANKS skullcandy for the awesome earbud headphones in a cute coin purse case!!!  Cocktails and swag in hand, we surveyed the land. There were secret hidden rocky walkways all over that lead you to a private cozy jacuzzi, a tennis court, secluded nooks for making out and waterfalls and streams.  I was channeling my hiking mojo and trekked all the way to the top where i found magical teepees.  Another part of the party that caught our eyes were the flower-walls and floral covered kissing booth.  Nice fragrantly beautiful touch to an already breathtaking location.  After getting an eyeful of our surroundings, we camped out underneath a half tree/half awning cover, away from the pelting sun and enjoyed the rum libations as the DJ delivered soothing poolside sounds.

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RK:  As with every DFM event, beautiful girls and guys were everywhere, complementing an even more impressive event space.  This year's parties were definitely a gigantic upgrade from previous years of Fauxchella, and we definitely were quite impressed with the new offerings for sure.  DFM continues to excel in their various party escapades and this weekend's frolics are definitely ones to be recorded in the books.

Until 2016!


(copy by: Rich Kim: RK / Kimberly Hall: KH / photos by: KH & DFM)


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