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Vestal Village (After Dark) Barn Party

RK: After spending the whole day partying and sipping cocktails underneath the desert sun, Team Fauxchella, true to the Laws of Fauxchella, went back to our hotel room where much needed rest and jacuzzi time was had.  The reason for this necessary disco break was in preparation for the highlight of our Friday night… the VESTAL VILLAGE (After Dark).


Located a few miles south of the Coachella Festival, the drive out from Palm Springs is definitely a commitment but the payoff has always been well worth the trip and that payoff was a GRAND SLAM Friday night!  P.S. the “After Dark” party is ONLY FOR CAMPERS and a very small number of specially invited friends of Vestal…(thanks Derek!)

KH: After driving for miles away from the freeway, you finally see a cluster of lights in a pocket of darkness and as you wipe your brow in relief, the fears of being lost slowly disappear.  Driving up to the first gate, it feels like you’re entering a military base with security clearances that insure you’re NOT getting through unless you are 100% ON THE LIST.  If you’re lucky to be allowed in, you drive down the dusty driveway and park at the edge of a field.  With the car in park and seatbelts detatched Team Fauxchella bounced over to the barn where the After Dark shenanigans were going down…


AD: Four words – EAGLES OF DEATH METAL!!!  Jesse Hughes and band mates dropped by the super-VIP Vestal Village After Dark and rocked out with their cocks out to an intimate crowd of rock & rollers!  Yes there was a guitar battle session and maybe it was the orange Jarritos and Jack Daniels open bar’s fault, but whatever the reason, I think I may have fallen in love, just a little!!!


backstage with Jesse Hughes and Dave Catching

RK:  Being a huge fan of EODM since 2004 (coincidentally that’s the year I met Jesse at a Coachella party at the Yacht Club), this was beyond EPIC!!!  How can you not lose your mind when they’re rocking out 5 feet from you and you’re not being crushed by mobs of people.  Intimate concerts are hands down the BEST way to see your favorite bands.  The guitar battle was an audible barrage of awesomely strummed “fuck yous” back and forth and after the show I got the pleasure to chat with Jesse, which was the highlight of my night!  

However...the night was not over once EODM left the stage...sure it’s 2:00 AM but who cares when the second secret special guest takes to the stage...and lo and behold it’s Magnetic favorite.... MYSTERY SKULLS!!!  Immediately the room switched gears from head banging to booty shaking as Mystery Skulls dropped beat after beat after beat a beat banging set with only a controller, a laptop and a microphone, which he used to compliment track after track with deliciously infectious vocals.  It's quite awesome when you hear a song you love and then you realize..."oh wait...he's not mixing, he's actually singing his track!!!" YES this intimate show was an enormous treat...and before you know it, it’s half past 3:00 AM and Team Fauxchella is in dire need of sleep.


But before our departure from the AWESOME Village…We had to extend a well deserved thanks to these beautiful ladies for insuring that the nonstop river of booze continued to flow all night long!

(copy by: Rich Kim: RK / Kimberly Hall: KH / Alyssa Dominguez: AD / photos by: Rich Kim)


the lovely Vestal Village bartenders...

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Vestal Village (After Dark)

AD:  If you’ve never seen LA Riots, then I feel sorry for you because DJ/producer Daniel Linton p/k/a "Daniel Riots" from LA Riots absolutely ripped the barn roof off at the Vestal Village After Dark party!  The energy pulsing from the confines of the desert barn-stage commanded and compelled all in earshot to dance, boogie and get down and dirty to his perfected blend of indie rock, alt dance & electro bangers.

KH:  Daniel’s adorable frenchie pup, Toby, was even in attendance to shake his furry groove thang to poppa’s sick ass-shaking set!  Of course the booze and beer flowed and Team Fauxchella found themselves in a deliciously liquor-numbed state while our bodies convulsed to every bass rush and slamming beat.


Toby giving Daniel (LA Riots) a smooch on stage.

RK:  Once again Vestal Village After Dark delivered yet another epic late night event that blew our minds.  With every track transition from Daniel Riots fingers, droves of people mosh-pitted into a groove frenzy and with the bevy of beauties that boogied all night long in the front can anyone not have an amazing last night of partying in the middle of the desert... especially in a city called Thermal...


AD:  Some of us were feeling the effects of spending most of Saturday drinking and frolicking under a hot desert sun and with a 10:00 AM check out, a semi-early night was our intent...BUT even though it was meant to be a short stay at this late-night rager, things quickly turned into an all-nighter for us all. Team Fauxchella BITCHES!!! Can’t stop, WON’T STOP!!!


RK:  The party was BIG. Not thousands of people big but BIG in its own right.  It was so big that the police were called for a noise complaint…yes that’s right… a noise complaint, um in the middle of the desert....and if you’ve been to Coachella, well south of the festival, then you know that it’s an empty desolate vast plain of NOTHING!!!  Sadly the volume was brought down and it was now VERY VERY LATE…Dreading the shitty early morning check out time and myself not even packed for was time to call it a night.


RK:  Thank you Vestal Village for yet another memorably awesome night! and once again, thank you to the lovely ladies that kept our cups filled (with liquor) and our beers ICE COLD, till the po-po came!!!

(copy by: Rich Kim: RK / Kimberly Hall: KH / Alyssa Dominguez: AD / photos by: Rich Kim)


"Only water I serve's got barley & hops in it. Hey everybody, do we serve water in this bar? HELL NO H2O"


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