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Festival Prank Video Awarded Golden Pinecone

Festival Prank Video Awarded Golden Pinecone


F This. (Forest This)

Think you're going to Sandals? Think again. Someone just pranked their girlfriend in one of the best ways possible. This is what gets you the Golden Pinecone, people.

The video's description makes us think this person told his/her girlfriend that they were going on a trip, and made this video to announce the adventure. But fun in the sun? Forget that nonsense. "For my girlfriends birthday I made her a video, that leads you to think we were going to Sandals Resort for a lame couples vacation. Midway through the video...well you just watch."

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The beat drops in the festival prank punch line and it's all pretty amazing. Especially considering we'd have to agree that Sandals has nothing on this place...

Electric Forest posted the video and awarded Zak1387 the "golden pinecone".

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