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Ladies and gentleman, I am so excited to share with you the "Violent Petra" mix from the London-based duo the Violent Blondes. Stumbling upon these artists many months ago, I was instantly wow'd. They have the techno know how, the techno talent, the just good music superpowers that is going to launch them into the upper stratosphere of dance music. Starting out as DJ's and recently moving into their own productions, they have found their identity and are quickly finding their intriguing bold sound.

I also did a interview with them, and they are some of the most delightful characters I have had the pleasure of tossing questions at. So, press play on the mix, and start reading about this remarkable project known as Violent Blondes.

Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Violent Blondes "Violent Petra" Mix by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

Your creativity is the child inside of you that survived...don't waste any of it!

Who are the Violent Blondes?
Best friends from school doing our thing: throwing parties, DJing and making music together. I (Nicola) gatecrashed Annabel's summer holiday to Mallorca after seeing all these fun pictures of her on this speedboat the summer before and the rest is history! We have always created things together and the Violent Blondes is another chapter in our journey of creation.

In ten words or less, what is the Violent Blondes sound and aesthetic?
A vigour lost amongst fantasy, music and magic.

How do you approach your sets and mixes, in a philosophical sense?
We tend to build our mixes around a strong female presence, a spirit, an alter ego that we can feel enveloping us once we have settled on our first track selection. It all starts with the first track, "the one", and then we seek to take you on her musical journey. We build up and up and up, hit a frenzied peak and usually unwind into a state of euphoria. Then the final track is like the glue; we want a form of sense to resonate come the final track, which can obviously be no sense at all as that is sense for some people. It is the beauty of creating sets and mixes, each person will interpret and enjoy them differently, so their life cycles can be endless.

Do you play the hits or do you like to surprise and educate the audience?
We prefer to surprise and educate the audience. At the beginning of a set, as we are still up and coming DJs, our aim is to earn the crowd's respect first then, when we are completely holding their attention, we hit them hard with the raw VB sound. The moment we see we have their trust and attention we just go for it. We submerge them into our deepest musical desires in that moment. It's so much fun.

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So we choose to combine old loves like Disney with newer loves, such as techno, to fulfil our need for ultimate creative pleasure.

What should we know about the Violent Blondes?
Our love for Disney is only intensifying. It's actually out of control! We watch Disney movies, listen to Disney songs, sing and dance around and channel this feverish magical energy into our productions. There was a time when we were growing up where we felt like we would have to leave that part of us behind, you know, being obsessed with Disney doesn't exactly earn you street cred as a teenager at school. Then as we *found* ourselves more as adults you realise life is too short and precious not to indulge in the things you love and have so much fun with! So we choose to combine old loves like Disney with newer loves, such as techno, to fulfil our need for ultimate creative pleasure.

Are you strictly DJs, or can we expect some original productions in the future?
We see ourselves as artists. We have started to produce our own music and we literally couldn't be more itching to get our productions out there. In fact the opening track of the exclusive mix which we have done for you guys is our own original production with Esotera, called Petra. She was inspired by one of our favourite Disney movies, one which we find particularly dark. But we'll let you and the readers absorb her properly instead of revealing here which fairytale lies behind her core inspiration.

We also have a release coming out this month on Tympanic Records with good friends Scarlett House so keep an eye out for it. For us, it's one of those tracks that changes the vibe of the night, it steps up the power, it's naughty, it's cheeky, it's very us.

Who or what have inspired you?
Nina Kraviz, Ricardo Villalobos, Mano Le Tough instantly jump out as artists who have ignited defining levels of inspiration in us. Watching Nina Kraviz perform at We Concur on NYD in London took our breath away with her experimentation and raw energy and display of such a vast, vast musical knowledge. She really puts the term 'artist' into perspective for us - she is iconic.

In terms of what inspires us it can be any small, seemingly insignificant moment. Annabel lost her keys the other day which sprouted this wonderfully fun conversation between us about where do all the lost keys go? What adventures do they encounter when they are separated from their owner? If they can be lost so easily, do we actually ever own our keys at all? And where do they really go, do all the lost keys find each other and rejoice and live in this Never Never Land type world for lost WE wish we were lost keys? So it's triggered the concept for our next set that we mix. We're going to depict the journey we believe lost keys take when they become lost. Where DID all the lost keys go?!

Who have you been listening to?
Most recently we have been exploring rave music from the 80s and 90s with friends that lived, DJ'd and partied hard through this musical revolution in the UK. We were being born as it was all kicking off so sadly we missed all the action in the flesh, but we are in our element discovering and wholeheartedly embracing the past of the music that is our present and our future. Today we were listening to all the old acid house from A Guy Called Gerald and absolutely loving it! We dropped The Age Of Love in the middle of our set at ABODE and the place went off - that was a real moment for us as we felt connected to a past, an era of creative glory, that we weren't around for but could bring back to life in our own way.

What is one deep thought you two have been having lately?
It's not a thought we have been having lately, it's one of our most profound knowing thoughts! We were both born in the summer of 1989, the UK's Summer Of Rave...we are official rave babies...rave is in our souls!!! Everything is exactly as it's supposed to be.

Any parting thoughts or words of wisdom?
Don't shy away from creative impulses, as they may never come back to you, at least not in the exact same way again, and you can't recreate impulse. Your creativity is the child inside of you that survived...don't waste any of it!

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