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Hardwell's Manager Discusses Future of EDM

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Hardwell's Manager Discusses Future of EDM


"Last year I was in the crowd. Now I'm rocking the Mainstage." -Oliver Heldens

There's been a lot of talk lately about the "underground" emergence, the real underground, and Zeddlena. And many people are just waiting for the bubble to burst.  So why not throw Eric Morillo in a room with Hardwell's manager, Krewella's manager, and Vegas guys? You know, just to see what happens.

"Vegas will be the last place for [the underground] to catch on", Morillo says to the group describing Jamie Jones and Marco Carola as becoming "big tier". "People are starting to look to the alternative to what they hear on the radio."

But as much as Morillo talks about the underground as the future of EDM, there other panel members discuss the future with names more familiar. Hardwell's manager throws out Oliver Heldens and Disclosure as "breaths of fresh air" and the talent buyer at XS Nightclub in Vegas talks about targeting DJs who are "the modern day celebrities".

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As the bubble continues to grow, it seems to be breeding a battle ground of factions. Most notably between the popular rich kid that is the mainstream, and the mysterious quiet newcomer that is the underground. That said, even Morillo seems to agree they'll both reach stardom (and Vegas) eventually.

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