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Hotel Garuda Prove Casual Sax Is Best

Hotel Garuda And SNBRN Are Proven House Music Innovators

Subtlety is an overlooked trait in modern dance music. Producers attempt to woo listeners by taking sounds to the absolute extreme, often times ruining or taking away from elements of a song that had serious potential.

This has been our problem with the recent sax craze in the electronic world. You can probably blame a lot of this on the unrelenting tropical house boom, taking the "too much of a good thing" idiom to new levels.

With this in mind, we have Hotel Garuda's addicting take on "Raindrops" from rising LA based producer SNBRN and Estonian vocalist Kerli. The electrifying cross-country duo made up of Manila Killa and Candle Weather return with their first track in over three months, injecting their own fresh approach to house music with a minimal balance of deep basslines, futuristic synth design, and light piano near the end.

Most importantly though, they understood the benefits of light sax. It doesn't smack you across the face and scream "Look we brought a live instrument into electronic music," but instead layers a fresh element to the vocal based anthem.

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It's not meant to make you lose your mind the first time you press play. It slowly draws you in, and next thing you know you can't stop hitting the repeat button.

This is a sign of true artistry, and is something both Hotel Garuda and SNBRN understand with their innovative music. The remix will be available for purchase on April 28th via Ultra Records, but the original from SNBRN is currently up on both iTunes and Beatport.

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