How Night Crime Are Bridging The Underground [Mix & Chat]

Night Crime

It is all about bridging the gap musically with us between underground and festivals

I have listened to dance music avidly for years now, and when it comes to new artists and music, I am all for it. So here I am to introduce you to the Ying & Yang deep house duo, Night Crime.

Sergio and Carlos both are based just around the outskirts of LA, though Sergio did take to mastering classical music at the reputable Berkeley School of Music in Boston. Meanwhile, Carlos though has been part of LA's underground rave scene for the past 6 years.

They've made it al, from electro house to progressive house to trap. Most recently they've been dropping some future house tracks that are getting lots of attention. With support from top tier world class DJ's such as DJ Snake, Steve Aoki, Showtek, Knife Party, and Oliver Heldens, it's easy to assume that these guys have a bright and productive future ahead of them.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Sergio and Carlos at a Panda Funk party up in Orange County. Below are a 3 questions that I had for the guys, just to hear it from their side.

Accompanied with this is their set from that night, and I highly encourage you give it a listen. One of the most hype mixes I have heard in a while, and can't seem to get enough of it. Get ready for your Saturday night with Night Crime.

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Night Crime @ Pandafunk & Friends (HEAT OC) by Night Crime on Mixcloud

How did you guy’s end up crossing paths for the first time?

Sergio: I just moved back from Boston to LA, and it was perfect timing for me because I just finished a duo with another guy that wasn’t working out. Carlos kept trying to hit me up, and we actually found each other back on MySpace back when it was the hottest thing.

Carlos: I was excited to see what we could do together, and Sergio was already killing it. He constantly contacted me to try and make some music together. Finally in 2011 I got him to come in the studio with me and start creating some tracks.

Night Crime has been part of a variety of different genres, do you ever think you will stick with just one style or continue to do a little of everything?

Sergio: Electronic music is always evolving and developing so I don’t think you should just be in one niche per say, and just attack that same market over and over. So what we do is pick one style, and flip it around a lot. You will see us mess with like Jack Beat’s stuff cause he is our friend, and we just put a spin on it. They will usually ask for us to send them over the edits too. Our close buddies inspire our music tremendously, but of course we have our own connection with it as well.

Carlos: At the end of the day we have to like the music. If it is something we are digging then we will mess around with it. When we did the Lana Del Rey remix I didn’t expect too much, but Sergio surprised with a banger. It really just is a matter of what he sends me, and if we want to continue with it.

So who would you say takes more of the driver seat in the studio? 

Sergio: Everybody keeps talking about this Ying & Yang thing with Night Crime, and let me tell you why that is. I am the classical musician that went to Berkley for it, meanwhile Carlos was a underground DJ for a few years. His business side however is what has made us who we are, so it works out for the both of us.

Carlos: I cannot disagree with Sergio on that one. I have been working for a label for a little while now doing A&R, and that has definitely played a major impact in our journey. It is all about bridging the gap musically with us between underground and festivals. I know what will do well from a business perspective and the sound we need, and Sergio just reads my mind perfectly.

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