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Axwell & Ingrosso Discuss Underground Sound (UPDATE)


Ingrosso Says Underground Music Is 'Amateur'

UPDATE: Axwell has clarified that the group merely was stating that their own sound used to be amateur and was responding to a question asked about their older material. He said they like "all types of music"

In an interview with the New York Times, Sebastian Ingrosso (of Axwell & Ingrosso and Swedish House Mafia) made a comment that will likely offend many of you reading this.

"Underground dance music — in the nicest way possible — it’s amateur"

Dear god. He added that their music "you are going to sing when you go to the bathroom".

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The interview went down just before their show at Terminal 5 in between their previous Ultra set and upcoming Coachella set. But what's worse is the New York Times article that seems to encourage this mainstream, celebrity "DJ maestro" vibe.

Routinely referring to "E.D.M", they say "what the genre lacks are undeniable rock stars." PLEASE do not start embracing this!

"'American's prefer the 'spring break' sound'" the Times added.


The article goes on to describe the duo dropping Toto in their set which is pretty much what's being described. We're not saying their not talented or there's anything wrong with being part of the mainstream, but let's not call out "the underground" and claim it's of poor quality. C'mon.

You could chalk it up to being a language mishap, but that'd be tough given that he said it was "amateur"... "in the nicest way possible".

The article also quotes Ingrosso as saying he's "so tired". We're hoping that's it - that' he's so tired he doesn't understand what he's really saying. Do we American's really prefer that "spring break" "E.D.M." "bathroom" music?

Read the full article via New York Times.

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