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2014 - Fauxchella: Inside The Outside Of Coachella


#TeamFauxchella Returning To Coachella

#TeamFauxchella 2014 (2015 Prologue)

Another year…
Another weekend in the desert…
Another collection of some of the best parties...outside of coachella

We'll be kicking up the dust as our party bus hits the best unofficial Coachella parties again this year. For a little of what you can expect, check out our wild adventure from last year as told by #TeamFauxchella's Kimberly Hall, Nikki Spiegel and Rich Kim!

Four days, four pages.

Try to keep up.

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

Rushing out of one town (LA) and stressing about getting into a desert town can kill the Fauxchella vibe, says #TeamFauxchella's Kimberly Hall, so #TeamFauxchella had a carefully laid out plan to beat the traffic. After doing so, we checked into our room, unpacked, relaxed and began to prepare for the Fauxchella kick-off night.

Rich Kim: An old friend Eddie Donaldson hit me up last minute with info about opening night at his new art gallery, Gallery 446, in the heart of Palm Springs so of course we definitely agreed to pop by.

Kimberly Hall: A short drive from our “hotel, motel, holidaaaay inn” and we were at the doorways of Gallery 446, which hosted an incredible collection of photographs ranging from Tupac to Blondie to Joe Strummer of the Clash, backed by works of art by musical artists such as Moby and Mickey Avalon.

RK: Our first night in the desert and already we were treated to a feast for the eyes! You have to check out this gallery if you’re in town! After a few hellos, we began our voyage to the Yacht Club in thermal!


RK: Later, as we pulled up to the entrance of Filter Magazine’s annual kick off party, the long lines of eager party-goers were the clear indicator that the night was going to be SUPER DOPE RAD!!! Big thank you to Filter for the VIP treatment! Talk about receiving a warm welcome after you’ve been driving in the chilly desert night!

Upon entering the estate, just a few steps beyond the yacht club entrance...we came across the Welcome Bar , where you could have anything you wanted, served anyway you desired, by THIS GUY...

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

Nikki Spiegel: The annual kickoff party was going off without a hitch. This year's Yacht Club seemed "greener" than ever with coconut water, Whole Foods & other health conscious vendors.

KH: The circle of fun, aka the lake, was lined with drunken guests as everyone explored the watery oasis in the middle of Thermal...I’ll let the city name say it all. Once again our favorite swag purveyors, Aerie, were on site, handing out goodie bags filled with chonies, bras and cute tank tops. Sorry boys…

Law of Fauxchella: Swag is everywhere, but mostly for the ladies. Boys, make her happy and grab a goodie bag!

KH: Of all the many sponsors (most of them being yummy liquor based…) Uber was also present to make sure our drunken guests had a non-drunk way back to their motels...and DRUNK seems to have been the clear and present goal for all. The crowd was down to party as hard as possible at this now unofficial opening kick off for Coachella.

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

RK: While team Fauxchella started to get loose, Dam Funk, Peanut Butter Wolf and Mayer Hawthorne kept the lakeside dancefloor grooving with music designed to make all bodies move…

KH: The side stage hosted live performances featuring ASTR and MNDR. MNDR was feeling it so much she walked right off the stage joining the crowd to finish her song while her dancers held it down on stage.

NS: The kick off party appeared much more scaled back from years past but that didn't stop the Coachella weekenders.

RK: And as the night freight-trained forward, it was time for #TeamFauxchella to make one more pit stop before bedtime. My homie DJ Spider was spinning a late night set at the Tillys x Dickies x Ace Hotel party on the farthest end of the desert, so we quickly rallied the troops with the hopes of getting #TeamFauxchella to the Ace.

Sadly, because of the distance and the importance of driving safely...we missed DJ Spider’s set. but we did get to say WHAT UP before he left. It’s ALWAYS awesome to see old friends out in the desert.

Law of Fauxchella: NEVER put yourself or others at risk while driving to all of the parties. Fauxchella will always exist. It’s ok if you miss some parties. Stay alive, stay safe and stay out of jail!

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

The adventure continues below...

#TeamFauxchella Returning To Coachella

#TeamFauxchella 2014


RK: Friday is upon us and it’s a boiler! Yes, it’s the desert but still, 100 degrees is a hot 100 degrees and the team was already beginning to sweat by early morn. Our first oasis was the annual BMF “Music Lounge”...and what an oasis it was! Tucked away from the Palm Springs strip at the Ingleside Inn, the poolside palace could not have been more relaxing...but, of course, BMF has always delivered an amazing Coachella party!

Music LOUNGE 1

KH: After checking in, it was like we strolled into the Garden of Eden complete with a pristine pool surrounded by beautiful plant life, cocktail bars and beautiful ladies dressed in vintage yellow bikinis, serving champagne to all of the guests.

RK: The DJ kept the mood fun and deliciously vintage with some audibly-loved classics that magically took us back to the days when the infamous Rat Pack would dominate the streets of Palm Springs. It almost felt like at any given moment old blue eyes, Frank Sinatra, would come strolling in.


KH: The booze was flowing and our buzzes were growing….so we ventured over to the gifting suites for some treats. Olay was a major sponsor this year so they had some amazing bags of goodies to keep us ladies fresh and clean, CK One cosmetics were freely available to keep us looking tip top, Tide detergent samples were at-the-ready to tackle any Coachella dirtiness and Invest Again provided free pre-charged Radio Shack charging sticks to keep us powered up and going strong throughout the weekend.

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

RK: We can’t forget the Herbal Essences hair braiding station and the Wonka candy station…which satisfied my sweet tooth cravings with their new “Wonka Randoms” gummy yummies.

KH: The goodies didn’t stop there because, shortly after our trip to the gifting suites, the buffet set up was ready to go. Remembering to adhere to the Laws of Fauxchella, it was time to eat, because drinking and accepting free goodies definitely works up an appetite. And how could you not want to eat when the menu consisted of bacon wrapped scallops, chicken and beef skewers, beef stroganoff and breaded fish nuggets?

RK: All of which were fantastically washed down with a new citrus beer form Coors light called “summer brew” by the way. Weird... but tasty!

KH: #TeamFauxchella really could have stayed poolside at the Music Lounge all day but we were here to do a job and that is to report back to you all about the wonders and amazingness that is Fauxchella.


Laws of Fauxchella: If you want to see it all, take in the scene, grab a bite, and head out to the next party…

RK: We were off to The Influential House event that my homie DJ Spider was spinning at. But after getting our car from the valet, we pulled over to consult our phones for directions and shockingly… our parked car got hit… by a pedestrian… who was hit by an overzealous valet too eager to deliver a car…

KH: Nothing puts more of a halt to your party plans than a not-so-minor car accident where an elderly pedestrian gets hit so hard as to project him into a parked car (ours).

RK: After forcibly jumping in front of the valet’s car to MAKE HIM WAIT FOR THE POLICE and after confirming the injured man was ok, except for a badly twisted knee and some bumps and scrapes, we were forced to spend the next hour to complete the accident, damage and injury report.


Law of Fauxchella: The desert is notorious for throwing curve balls your way. Always be responsible, stay alert and don’t HIT OLD PEOPLE CROSSING THE STREET!

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

KH: With our precious time depleted by the accident, we sadly had to pass on the Influential House and headed over to the Saguaro, which was thankfully down the street.

NS: The Saguaro Desert Weekender party is a Fauxchella staple and MUST-DO. You can always count on this event to entertain on both weekends with big name talents on top of the frolic and folly of a massive hotel pool party. VIP is always awesome at the Saguaro, filled with free booze and snacks but this year we were gifted with Teva beach bags filled with opening ceremony tie-dye tees and tube socks along with Teva sandals. Also can’t forget the free Hornitos Tequila towels and necklace shot glasses!


RK: Poolside was packed with sun-worshipping bodies and lumber-jack bearded hipsters. No joke.

RK: We were planning on a repeat Saguaro visit later in the evening, so we were off to the next spot, the ultra-exclusive celebrity Poolside Fete by Harper’s Bazaar.

KH: Pulling into the swanky historic Parker Palm Springs hotel, we walked into the beautiful lobby, past a giant sign with “DRUGS” emblazoned on it, through the Austin Powers approved shagadelic living room space complete with centerpiece fireplace... and then we got lost in a magical garden labryinth maze. As we followed the leads of tiny little signs pointing the way to the pool, we got to the entrance, brushed shoulders with Katy Perry and her entourage...

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

NS: Have you ever waited for a really really long time for a light to turn green? I'm talking about a light that makes you feel like you are watching paint dry. That's exactly how it feels when Katy Perry exits a Coachella party with her crew (20+ deep) as you're trying to make your way in.

Upon entering the Parker Hotel's pool we were immediately taken over by the peaceful setting, coupled by the buzzing Harper’s Bazaar pop up shop, Urban Decay makeup station and photo booth surrounding it. This invite-only soirée took the gold as one of the most luxurious pool party atmospheres of the weekend.

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

KH: Nikki and I decided to get our make up done by Urban Decay’s artists after they gave us all an awesome swag backpack filled with tons of UD make up and very cool premium Skull Kandy headphones. As we got our make up did, we saw DRONES in the air, zooming by like little Jetsons cars!!! Thankfully not armed with missles, but instead with little cameras. Wait? Could those things see down my shirt!?!

dj them jeans

RK: Poolside at the Parker was relaxing and lovely at the same time. As the girls received the VIP makeover treatment by UD make up artists, I took a load off and reclined on the deck chairs. Mia Moretti delivered the audible treats as the edible kind were offered by the Parker hosts. Nothing says “ahhhhhh” more than little chocolate bon bons and a Modelo poolside in the middle of the desert.

RK: The Poolside Fete was only a two-hour short and sweet rendezvous of celebrities, tastemakers and media and sadly was coming to an end. It was time to head back to the Saguaro Desert Weekender to catch the much anticipated performance of FKA Twigs and after parking the car, we rushed towards the poolside stage to catch the last three songs of FKA Twigs’ performance and we were definitely stoked that we made it!


What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

The party was still going strong but all of us were definitely feeling the effects of drinks under the desert sun. So, in keeping true with the Laws of Fauxchella, we retreated back to the room for the much needed disco nap and possibly a session in the jacuzzi because in only a few hours, we’d all be partying at the Details at Midnight party!


KH: We charged off into the night to a secret pickup location to hop onto shuttle vans to the palatial estate that we all partied at last year...and strangely enough it felt like home!

NS: This year's Details party kicked off Friday night with a bang. Giant white globes of light illuminated the entrance as we made our way past teepees and food trucks to the multiple Patron tequila bars and the stage area tucked away near the VIP pool.

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

KH: New to this year’s midnight party were the photo booth and the screen printing station complete with palm tree and windmill silk screens. We treated our munchie hungers to some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches from the The Grilled Cheese Truck and though the bars were busy, the bartenders were pros making it a breeze in getting drinks. The weather was warm and lightly breezy making the alcohol work in perfect rhythm with our cheese filled tummies.

NS: The estate was massive, which made it easy for the large amount of people to comfortably groove and dance to RAC who delivered a crowd-pleasing set full of remixed hits.


RK: After some tequila cocktails, Patron popsicles and cake pops, the closing hour was steadily creeping near. Last year #TeamFauxchella endured a nightmareish exodus with limited return shuttle vans, which ultimately lead to the masses walking back to their cars, so this year we made a bee-line for the exit and the return shuttles at about 1:15 am...thus ending our first complete day/night of Fauxchella craziness.

KH: “Where am I?” was the best quote of the night which came from a completely WASTED girl that was the last to pour out of a clown-car packed van that we were waiting to board.

Laws of Fauxchella: Being so wasted that you don’t know which way is up, is a bad way to end your night in the desert…

The adventure continues below...

#TeamFauxchella Returning To Coachella

#TeamFauxchella 2014


RK: When you wake up on a Saturday morning with a pounding hangover, it means you had quite the night, but it also means that you’re a little slower to get your ass in gear for the upcoming day.

KH: Suck it up! Crack open a beer and have some of the hair of the dog that bit you! “Goooood morning rockstar!” is the internal mantra you repeat inside your head and magically you find yourself in the car, rushing towards the Lacoste Desert Pool Party, which is one of the most storied and historically one of the best daytime pool parties of Coachella.


NS: It is a little jilting how the most exclusive day party has kind of become the most un-exclusive party with overcrowded lines and front gate mobs becoming a nightmarish experience in their own rights. Nevertheless, once you make it past the estate's coveted gates this party delivers an oasis of beauty at every turn. Once again Lacoste did not disappoint with a plethora of excitingly fun activities.

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

KH: It was nice to see our fauxchella favorites like Don Chow Tacos, Patron popsicles and the luxurious Lacoste beach towels. However, our eyes went a little buggy over the many new the temporary Lacoste tattoo station, a Tarte cosmetic touch up tent for the ladies, DIY Lacoste shoe booth, spiked slushie bar, gator-shaped miniature golf course, a
beautifully vintage mini-airstream converted into a bar dedicated to pouring Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial and the pièce de résistance, a humongous bouncey castle tennis court photo booth!


NS: This year's photo booth was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, which included an interactive bounced tennis court that set the stage for some action packed high flying photographic memories.

RK: Once we established our “home base” (a seating area under an umbrella) we dropped our bags and began to relax a bit. The bars and all booths began to fill up with lines of thirsty, hungry and excited guests, so I flagged a gal walking around with a tray and placed an order.



Laws of Fauxchella: Tipping waiters and waitresses means less time waiting in lines.

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This year’s Desert Pool Party was considerably more packed than usual with the food trucks overrun by long lines, the bars packed to the gills with booze-hungry partiers and the pool filled to the rim with bikini clad babes and colorfully shorted gents. All of this was confirmed as we left our favorite desert pool party and found out that the adjacent streets filled with stopped cars had been closed by the county sheriffs as a fire marshall zoomed by us towards the entrance. We were definitely glad we got to enjoy our stay….but now it was time to visit the Vestal Village.

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

RK: Vestal Village was only 7 miles south of Lacoste so onward and forward we trudged through a brewing sandstorm. Yes, another sandstorm (Vestal Village 2013). Thankfully, the sand was not kicking up too bad when we arrived at the checkpoint gate of the compound. Once we were wristbanded for entry, it was time to explore the village.

KH: The invite only Vestal Village was filled with a collective of chilled out fun loving people unconcerned with being part of any pretentious fashion scene. This year they also stepped up their game with an impressive mini-coachella-esque festival of their very own.

made at


This guy took "swimming with the fishes" to heart!

As a live band rocked out on a huge pro stage, Vestal-ians played bean bag games, lounged out by the pool and lagoon and of course, consumed some drinks. A pop up shop with a killer selection of wearable goods nearby the Sailor Jerry’s haircut tent kept the style alive. Message app Line had one of the most adorable photobooths of the weekend with not so happy teddy bears as props.

RK: The Vestal Village always makes it on #TeamFauxchella's favorite list and this year they climbed higher on that list. It’s become a sort of annual tradition to mosey on down to my favorite middle-of-the-desert saloon for refreshments, served by the sweetest bartenders, and as always, they didn’t disappoint.


RK: Getting out of the Thermal city limits was a little challenging as the winds picked up pretty heavily and with it came the sandstorm that continuously pelted the car with waves of sand, making it almost impossible to see five feet in front of your nose.

NS: It wouldn't be a Coachella weekend without an obligatory sandstorm. Upon arriving at the Old Navy Oasis at Shadow Hills RV resort we were greeted by a flurry of sand in our face. Luckily we were also greeted with an abundance of amazing swag including shirts, blouses, dresses, jean jackets, hats, shorts, tees and of course scarves to keep the sand at bay. This party would have kicked ass if the forces of nature weren't at play. On top of an amazing selection of goodies, pink's food truck provided amazing hot dogs which we ducked behind a trailer to enjoy.


KH: We were definitely bummed about our sandy friend ruining the scene because the oasis was such a sweet little setup. Thankfully the Old Navy Airstream gifting trailer had ample amounts of swag to keep all of us sand coated guests happy. The teepees were also a good shelter but after half an hour of sand sand sand… we were off to the Forever 21 Cranechella party…

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

RK: Thankfully the winds began to die down as we walked up to the Forever 21 Cranechella entrance, but before walking in we detoured into the Pop Sugar gifting trailer...sadly nothing for the fellas, but the girls were really stoked about the goodies inside!

We quickly got checked in and upon entering you immediately understand what the term Cranechella meant, because two massive cranes dominated the view and also held up the DJ booth in the middle of the venue. Our VIP wristbands got us into a room where the champagne flowed for free and everyone got free goodie bags. Again...NOTHING FOR THE FELLAS but the girls were really really stoked.

KH: This party was bananas...I mean...twerking on the guard rails of the stage, champagne and goodie bags in the VIP, tacos galore, and if you donated something to their charity, more free clothes off the Forever 21 rack!!! WOO HOO!!! All of this happened as Azealia Banks was hoisted high up into the air and began her performance which happened to be one of the sickest shows we had seen so far.

Forev 4

NS: I still have the "212" stuck in my head. Not every performance sticks in your head but one from an artist inside a suspended cargo tank hanging 20 feet in the air certainly does the
trick. Tacos & tepees were no strangers to this party either and although the regular bar was not free to the public, there were enough other freebies to make up for it if you weren’t lucky enough to procure a VIP wristband.

RK: with only 30 minutes left, we decided to leave and try and get some quality soak time in our hotel jacuzzi before the last night of Fauxchella…a tip of the hat to Forever 21 for quite a memorable “Cranechella” or was it “Skychella,” whatever it was it was AWESOME-CHELLA!

RK: Jacuzzi time was very welcomed by our party-hardened bodies and after a quick bite to eat, we started to get ready for the big night…


Laws of Fauxchella: If you have access to a jacuzzi, USE IT! soaking with jets and bubbles is always a plus!

RK: So off we went on our way to the Neon Carnival to meet up with a few of our friends but before getting there we had to take a detour to the Vestal Village as I was informed that their late night party was going to be EPIC.


NS: The Vestal Village after hours party was a private event with promises of a secret special act, which got our curiosity going. When we arrived the room was filled with dancing bodies as we all were treated to a trip hop dub set by Chrome Sparks.

KH: One side of the venue had display cases filled with upcoming Vestal watch releases while the opposite wall had a neon glowing mural as well. The crowd was raging was impressive to see familiar faces from the day party, still going on strong, without a stop sign in sight.

RK: After Chrome Sparks’ finished their awesome set, there was a brief intermission as the roadies swapped out equipment on the stage. Minutes later the lights went dark with only a spotlight on stage illuminating a silhouette of a hooded figure at the decks. And that’s when the beat dropped and the whole house exploded with sound…and who was the secret special guest-DJ freshly plucked from the Sahara Tent at Coachella?


It was ƱZ (aka UZ)! dropping that trap shit (ŤɌ∆Ҏ ᶊῌῗ†)! And the crowd went crazy! When we walked in, the room was ¾ filled. When ƱZ got on the decks the crowd tripled in size!


RK: With the music being SO DAMN GOOD, and with the crowd’s intoxicating energy, we completely lost track of time and forgot about meeting our friends at Neon Carnival! All of a sudden it’s 3:30 AM...and the party is STILL GOING STRONG, however, it is time for us get back to the hotel so we can pack and be able to hit our 11 a.m. check out time. THANK YOU VESTAL VILLAGE for a memorable Saturday!


The adventure continues below...

#TeamFauxchella Returning To Coachella

#TeamFauxchella 2014


RK: Good gawd my pounding aching head! Stupid me failed to follow the “Laws of Fauxchella” before I passed out from exhaustion, and now I was plagued with a hangover. Thankfully we had our gear ready to go, which made our check out easier than last year and voila we were in the car on our way to the Guess Hotel at the Viceroy!


NS: Talk about posh, the minute you walk into the Guess Hotel you were immediately surrounded by elegance. From the black and white banners of iconic Guess models from past to present, to the real life models frolicing poolside, this party was certainly a welcome sight for sore eyes. And of course no fauxchella party is a true “party” without swag.


Guess did not disappoint. With buckets of Lolita "heart-shaped" sunglasses, denim bags, fanny packs, water guns and fans, it was Christmas in the desert! The pool was packed with adonis hard-bodies and bikini beauties. This was the perfect party to kick-off our last Fauxchella day.

KH: My favorite part was hanging out in the shaded booth bubble, sipping on margaritas on the rocks and munching on yummy “hangover relief” tacos, while watching drunken models play ping pong.



RK: With the clock ticking and time escaping our grasp, it was time to leave the Guess Hotel and with the BMF Music Lounge only a few steps south of our location, we gingerly made a bee-line to the Ingleside Inn.


NS: By Sunday the Music Lounge had morphed from the relaxing 50’s vibe poolside venue it was on Friday to a vibrant crowd of hipsters and hip-hop artists hosted by Nas with guest DJ sets by Jermaine Dupri. Hennessey-hosted bars insured that everyone’s cups were filled as party guests sought out refuge from the blazing sun. Hip hop beats kept the crowd going on what typically tends to be an exhausting last day filled with zombified festival attendees.

KH: Our tastebuds went thankfully crazy at the presence of french toast and pancakes with maple syrup, sausage, ham and egg mini omelets, and curry Samosas. Thank gawd for poolside Sunday Brunch buffets!


NS: Nearing the end of our Fauxchella run, we made a stop at the ACE Hotel...waling in, it was apparent that the main pool was a bit empty but with good reason...EVERYONE was at the other pool for the Do Over!



You can always count on the Do Over to give you that extra push necessary to get through the rest of Sunday. Upon entering it was a sweet surprise to see the one and only Questlove of The Roots tearing up the decks. And, as expected, the dancefloor was on fire with dancing bikini bodies. We even ran into a bunch of Los Angeleans who had day tripped it all the way from LA just to see today’s performance. It's no wonder the line to get in was a massive mob scene.


RK: Working my way through the crowd, I happened to bump into the lovely Chi-town DJ-chantuese... Colette.

KH: And oh...there was a blinged out diamond encrusted ice cream truck parked outside of the ACE hotel...and YES, it was MARVELOUS!!!


RK: It was time to salute the Do Over for another amazing Fauxchella Sunday party and head on over to our last stop, The Desert Weekender at the Saguaro Hotel, to catch one of my favorite DJs.


Truth be told, team Fauxchella was nearing the point of breaking down from sheer exhaustion. It is hard work hitting every single party out in the desert and we were all yearning for our most treasured possessions - our own beds. BUT, not until we got our last boogie on to one hell of an awesome groovy house set by Harvey.

Walking towards the stage, it was hard to believe that the end of the weekend was upon us as tons of gyrating bodies surrounded the pool with even more dancing in front of the stage, screaming and shouting in approval to every musical selection Harvey delivered. This was definitely an audible treat!

For those that don’t know, DJ Harvey has been the purveyor of some of the best disco-garage-house that has blessed our scene since the late 80’s...that’s right.. I said the late 80’s...time warp to 2014 poolside at the Saguaro and it was very clear that he still had the goods to keep the dancing masses bouncing with happy!

What To Expect From #TeamFauxchella This Year

I never thought I’d be working up a sweat grooving poolside in the desert with bikini babes after a long weekend, but there I was...contributing my own hollars of happiness as Harvey continued to drop track after track of some of the best house music this fauxchella weekend.


And as the sunlight sneaked past the hotel roofline, shrouding the pool in a blanket of shade, it was also our cue to pack up and make our way back to the city of Lost Angels…

Another Fauxchella has come and gone and we happily bid the desert a fond farewell…



#TeamFauxchella is returning to the desert for another year and you can start following all the preliminary action this Monday (April 6th, 2015).

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You can also use the #TeamFauxchella hashtag to keep the mayhem organized.

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