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Is The EDM Scene As Bad As Paul van Dyk Says?


Is The EDM Scene As Bad As Paul van Dyk Says?

As festival season heats up, a couple DJs are beginning to wince. Paul van Dyk and John Digweed expressed their disappoint to MTV with a particular aspect of modern electronic culture that's sure to be prevalent across stages everywhere.

The problem? Playing music that everyone already knows.

"The real electronic music... so many fantastic artists and so many fantastic DJs, they don't need to preprogram something and play the same 10 tracks"

-Paul van Dyk. 

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But why is that important? Digweed says the biggest DJs have the opportunity to "blow people's minds".  Van Dyk even goes as far as to say it's a "responsibility". Meanwhile, Tiga recently suggested that perhaps musicians are simply afraid.

Of course, Digweed references his success from 2001. Things have changed a lot in those 14 years, including the way new music is discovered. Simply put, there's so many ways to do it, does it need to happen at big shows? Maybe the party atmosphere Van Dyk and Digweed drearily discuss is merely a natural movement within the culture.

But while you could certainly direct the blame away from DJs themselves, there is still a point to be made about big artists using the huge platform they have to do something different. Even if there are other methods of discovering new music, do we really want shows to just be one big party? Are we losing something important?

Try it out. Instead of avoiding sets at festivals with unknown DJs and music, seek them out (if you can find them). You just might find your next favorite thing.

Here the full interviews and read the original article on MTV (Correction: The interview was first incorrectly attributed to Mixmag who also covered the story)

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