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Is This Dillon Francis Tattoo Really Happening?


Is This Dillon Francis Tattoo Really Happening?

Dillon Francis posted a pretty wild tattoo design on Twitter and claimed the insanity will be his new tattoo. It's wild as in, there's a Victorian-era woman removing her face mask to reveal her elk face (or something).

Is this Dillon Francis tattoo for real? We have no idea, but you can check out a whole page on his website dedicated to tattoos like... Dolphin Francis? According to, he was even once influenced by Deadmau5 to get a "Your Mom" tattoo.

Given Dillon Francis' exceedingly goofy nature, we have no idea if he's serious or not. But bottom line - we love it. We just want to know what you think it should be called.

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What do you think?

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Love the prancing face.

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