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Is This Even Rusko?

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Is This Even Rusko?

Since Rusko rose to fame on the strength of his gnarly baselines, who would expect him to blow up in 2015 off the beauty of a pop tune?

His latest remix of Etnik and Mykki Blanco’s “Unclassified” comes completely out of left-field for the normally drop-heavy producer. With it, he trades the original’s acid-bass underpinnings for the sweet licks of an acoustic guitar, reshaping Mykki Blanco’s dark, eerie vocals into the backbone of a piano ballad.

The chopped, pitched vocals sound culled from the OWSLA playbook, suggesting he’s feeling inspiration from his colleagues. This track is proof that Rusko can try his hand at producing anything, and then execute with masterful grace. He’s become increasingly bold in his experimentation over the past year, leaving whatever he will make next a giant mystery, but I’m excited to see where he applies his talent next.

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