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Is Justin Bieber Growing Into A Real Man(Bun)?

Justin Bieber Drops Fashion Trend On Coachella?


Well, Biebs could certainly use less hassle...

No joke this time. It appears that Justin Bieber could very well be on his way to growing into a real man...bun. According to The Hollywood Reporter at least.

For those of you who don't know, ASOS Fashion tweeted a picture (above) of a new product on April Fools Day: the clip-on man bun. While Bieber's pony tail is at least a few months away from spinning into this roll, he's got something similar going on at Coachella by the looks of the THR photo (linked below). And it's all very real.

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"Boys, get the look without the hassle" the ASOS Twitter post reads. Bieber could certainly use less hassle these days with all the craziness being reported.

Head over to The Hollywood Reporter to see how close Bieber is to being able to actually pull this off. Forget the shirtless, wild, and tattooed Bieber you thought you knew - he's well on his way to growing into a real man bun.

You tell us: Is this a new style or just the second biggest fail of Coachella weekend one?

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