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Kygo Drops Surprise On Coachella, Literally

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Kygo Drops Surprise On Coachella, Literally

Dillon Francis and Kygo have been in the studio together "riffing it" - we've known this for some time. But according to Dancing Astronaut, their big collaboration finally dropped... as in "thrown to the crowd".

Kygo messaged on Facebook that he was throwing out USB sticks with a "surprise" on them for his Coachella debut yesterday. According to Dancing Astronaut, the USB's thrown out contained the much hyped Dillon Francis / Kygo collabo.

The song, a remix of James Hersey's "Coming Over" features the two musically kicking back tropside under the stars. The track is totally chill and matches Hersey's soft vocals beautifully.

We're not sure if this is all the two have in store, but it's the same track that was teased earlier this year as reported by Run The Trap. What do you think?

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Does it live up to the hype?

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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