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Late Night Alumni - Eclipse Album Preview

Preview New Late Night Alumni Album Before June Release

The anticipation continues to build for the forthcoming 5th studio album from super pairing Late Night Alumni. The group made up of sultry vocalist Becky Jean Williams and electronic music maestro John Handcock has set themselves apart by concocting their own brand of ethereal down tempo house music.

The group seeks to continue to push themselves, their sound, and the boundaries of genre with each album release. Eclipse is set to be released this June on Kaskade’s label Arkade.

“The album ‘Eclipse’ was inspired by the duality of human nature. We can't be defined. We are how we see ourselves and we are the someone that everyone sees. We are cycles of change. We are idiosyncrasies and nuances. We are no one thing. No man is an island, but every man, an eclipse.”

Late Night Alumni has been teasing fans by slowly releasing a few of the upcoming album's singles. The first song to be released was “The This This” which was accompanied by a music video, and shortly thereafter a series of remixes by Kaskade, KillaGraham and others. The music video immaculately visualizes the vibrant essence of the single and the style of Late Night Alumni. Reminding viewers that when you allow it, music has the power to transport you to another place both through space and time.

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The second track to be released off the album “Runaway” continues to push Late Night Alumni’s renewed style, showcasing the album’s evolution in the process.Remaining faithful to their timeless sound, “Runaway” adds a new dimension to Late Night Alumni that will have fans bouncing across the most prominent festivals, dance clubs and stages like never before. All of this reinforcing Becky & John’s mantra that “we are no one thing”.

Snippets of the entire forthcoming album have been released via a “Eclipse Album Sampler” below. Holding us over, and yet making us so much hungrier simultaneously.

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