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LCD Soundsystem Has Big Role In New Film

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LCD Soundsystem Has Big Role In New Film

You can get some kind of idea at who LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy is by watching the new film While We're Young. Not only did the artist composed music for the film, he told The Hollywood Reporter that "a lot of the lines that are attributed to Adam Driver's character kind of came out of my mouth."

James Murphy is no stranger to film of course. He wrote music for the movie Greenberg back in 2010 and even acted in 2012's The Comedy (which isn't much of a comedy by the way).

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But his approach to making music for films is bit different. "I don't like sad songs for sad moments, typically, because I feel like they often tend to be saccharin and overshoot the mark and undercut the acting."

The Hollywood Reporter mentions that in While We're Young, his "glockenspiel cover of David Bowie's 'Golden Years' plays a significant role'" to which Murphy responds "It was fun. I think the title of the song is very funny considering the nature of the film."

All three films seem to have a somewhat regretful or fading feel them (this writer has yet to see While We're Young), and as The Hollywood Reporter points out, many of Murphy's own LCD Soundsystem songs reference age. But do the connection to these films comes from any yearning for his own past? When asked if he regrets the end of LCD Soundsystem he responds with an answer as contemplative as many of the characters in the films:

"I actually don't know, I don't know the answer."

Read the full Interview and watch the film trailer via The Hollywood Reporter

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