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Learn More About Madeon With His New Adventure Video Clip

Madeon Gives Us Insight Into His Young Mind

There is something about Madeon that still remains mysterious to me. Although he has taken over the world with his synth heavy approach to pop music, I still feel like there is so much about him that people don't know. Just take one look at him. At least for me, the first thing that comes to mind is a shy schoolboy who would rather get lost in his thoughts than socialize.

His debut album Adventure recently dropped, and with that were a handful of massive performances across the world. He is sought after and loved, but still finds away to remain tucked away. If something major was going on in his personal life, we definitely haven't heard of it.

Maybe with the hopes of opening up a little more to his dedicated fans, Madeon has launched episode one of his Adventure Live series. While much of it focuses on visuals for his live setup and tour footage, we get to hear Madeon's vocals in the background as he opens up about his music. He mentions that in a way it feels like the first real Madeon tour, and that he's never done anything quite like this.

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Beyond that, we also hear about the steps to the creation of Adventure, presenting his music to the public, and readjusting to promo and being around so many after creating the album. Madeon mentions that it was scary touring so close to the LP being released, and even that he didn't know if people would like these new songs.

It's simple and short, but we are looking forward to more episodes of this series. It's visually and aesthetically pleasing, but it also gives a little more perspective about the young mind of Madeon. You can watch the video clip below.

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